Profiles in Technology: Uriah

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Uriah Guilford has answered some fun questions for us. Unlike many of the ZynnyMe fans- Uriah LOVES technology. I think he has some great things to say about how his comfort with technology has impacted the building of his private practice. 

Are you a techie?

Yes, I would consider myself a techie.

What is your favorite technology tool in your business?

That is a hard question for a techie to answer! I love my Fujitsu Scansnap scanner that allows me to minimize paper clutter and maintain digital files. [the scanner is small and converts scanned documents into text like business cards and insurance paperwork so it is searchable]. I also love my online appointment scheduling service from GenBook that makes it super easy for clients to book and reschedule appointments.

Do you have a website? (Please share the url) 

Yes, I do have a website or two. :) My therapy practice website and blog are at & my new summer program for teenage boys is at

Did you build it yourself? 

Yes, I do build all of my sites myself. It has been quite a journey, starting from knowing nothing about how to put together a website, but now I really enjoy it.

What was the best part of building your website yourself? 

The best part about building my own practice website has been the ability to have control over my content and to make changes easily. This has been empowering and an important part of the process of defining my work and getting clear on how I present my business to the community.

What is the purpose of your therapy website? 

My therapy website has three main purposes. I want my site to bring in new clients, build a community around my practice and I also want it to provide helpful information to parents through my blog and email newsletter.

How has designing a therapy website impacted your business? Your personal life? 

My therapy website has been instrumental in developing a profitable practice. 50% of my referrals came through my website last year and that has been fantastic for my business and personal life. It is very exciting to reach out to people using the power of the internet and to provide valuable services.

What is the best advice you could give to other therapists? 

Well, other than working with the Zynnyme coaches, I would tell other therapists to start the journey of getting comfortable with technology, websites and online marketing. Beyond the learning curve, it can be a lot of fun and really benefit your practice.

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"Helping teenage boys find life direction & unique purpose"

Uriah Guilford, MFT

2455 Bennett Valley Rd. 210C
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 520-4357