50 Facebook Business Pages

I just had a little fun on Facebook. It didn't really start out as a fun activity. I thought I would try to drum up some more blog readership by connecting with people on Facebook. Along the way I got the chance to look at about 50 Facebook pages. I saw a couple of themes that I thought would be helpful to chat about. 

1. I made a Facebook business page, now what? I saw a ton of Facebook business pages with no pictures, little information, and few likes. It seems like a lot of business owners honestly aren't sure what to do with after they take the leap and start a Facebook Business page. 

2. What should/shouldn't I share? I'm not sure if this is a theme- but it is something I thought as I was reading about what people were posting. As a therapist, I looked at a counselor Facebook sites and there were completely professionally posted articles and on the other side people talking about things that were clearly personal. 

3. I have a Facebook Business Page, I am connecting content, but nobody is there... How does one market their Facebook Business Page? Which I think brings up questions like- should my Facebook Business Page be a major piece of my marketing or not? 

At ZynnyMe, we are hard at work putting together a video course all about Facebook. We want to answer your questions about not just how to put a Facebook Business Page- but also why/how to make it a part of your marketing efforts. Think Facebook is an AWFUL idea for your business? We would love to confirm that for you, or for you to get the information you need to make a decision that works for your business. 

What are your burning Facebook Questions? Post them below! We would love to hear them! 

Zynny Asks? "Why not just post the answers to all of these questions in your blog?" Zynny Says "Because we think seeing is believing and it is hard to understand social networking without seeing it in action and getting a good mental picture for how everything ties together!" 


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