Every month we provide a new, free training for therapists who are starting private practices, building their established private practice, or just looking for new inspiration for their successful private practice. 

Click below to instantly watch the training and get inspiration for all things private practice marketing, clinical effectiveness, reducing the isolation, business planning for therapists, etc. Click below to learn more about each free private practice training and watch right away for free! 

Storytelling and Blogging for Therapists

We invited Melanie Gorman from YourTango to discuss how to integrate storytelling ethically into your private practice marketing. Learn how storytelling can be used throughout your website, in blogging, and to help your website become more findable. Watch the storytelling for therapists free training today. 

Private Practice 101: The steps to having a profitable private practice

Have you been told over and over that you can't be successful in private practice? Or, that you have to take insurance when starting a counseling practice? While stating a private practice isn't easy, it also isn't impossible and you can be successful! Learn the myths and realities of a profitable private practice that truly helps clients. 

How to set fees in Private practice (one of our most popular trainings) 

Do you struggle with whether you are charging too much, or too little when setting your psychotherapy fees? We get it. Nobody in our field wants to talk about money, many of us were trained in struggling non-profits with mandated clients- it is a big transition when going into private practice. Learn the mindset blocks you need to overcome, as well as the simple formula in setting your private practice fee

How to launch a successful e-book as a therapist

We invited Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT a self-described technophobic therapist to talk about how she was able to conceive and launch a successful ebook. She shares nitty gritty details about her budget, her success, her goals, and how she did each step in the process. Watch the free recording of how to launch a successful ebook

Multiple streams of income for therapists

Are you a therapist in a successful private practice who wants to move beyond the couch? Have you realized there is a limit to how many clients you can provide amazing clinical experiences to? Find out the steps to creating multiple income streams- what does and doesn't work for therapists in private practice. 

Private Practice Planning for Therapists

Before you sit down to develop a private practice business plan, you need to clear on your life plan. Listen to this January training where we help you take some time to get super clear on what you want from your life and your private practice- so you can build that into your private practice business plan

Using a Specialization to build your private practice

Developing a niche shouldn't be a marketing gimmick. Developing advanced specialization and training is about quality of care for your clients and making it easy for prospective clients to find the expertise they need. And yes, it will get you more clients. Why? Because clients want to work with a passionate expert! Watch our training and find out how developing a niche can explode your practice

Out of the box ways to market your private practice

We know sometimes you just need a little inspiration when marketing your practice. Maybe you are established and have hit a plateau. Or maybe you are simply a mover and shaker who wants to build your practice in a way that is more fun. Either way, watch this awesome private practice marketing training with Joe Sanok from the Practice of the Practice podcast

We have about 500 people register for this trainings each month, and a great active community. Hope you enjoy the free private practice training!