Women, Age, and Technology

We have some myths out there about technology. We've heard it for years- research showing that a teacher's assumption about gender and their propensity for a certain subject (like math) can have an impact on whether the person performs at a high level. The expectation of the student and the teacher has a direct relationship with the performance of the student. 

What are some of the things I hear on a daily basis? 

  • I'm too old.

  • I'm a woman.

  • I'm a man.

  • I'm a dinosaur.

  • I'm just not good with technology.

  • I break everything I touch.

The reality is that very few people are to old, male, female, etc. to benefit from technology. My grandmother was the first person in my family to Skype! She is the one that got all of us set up. She isn't a techno-geek just a woman who loves to save money, stay in touch, and wants to travel. So, she found a way to make cheap calls! 

My grandmother wasn't good at math, didn't have her first computer until she was in her 60s... You get the picture- this is not about age, gender, culture, or anything else. The reality is, the belief systems you hold are MORE important than your in born technological talent. Your head can get in the way of you being able to "take in" the information you need and allow you to be successful in your business. 

I started doing exam coaching years ago with pre-licensed therapists after having my own snafoos with exam through my http://mftguide.com site. Very quickly those people got through exams and started calling me for business coaching. While many of them called me for "business advice" focused on nuts and bolts material- the reality was that mindset was often more important than the nuts and bolts of running a business.

In fact, I noticed that many people knew the nuts and bolts, but without the right mindset- they would continually sabotage themselves and were unable to access what they needed. Absolutely, they benefited from the nuts and bolts how-tos of running a business, getting pointed to the best business tools, etc. but if their mind wasn't in the game- nothing happened! 

So, before I throw a whole bunch more blog posts up about fun resources and nuts and bolts- I want you to take a moment to explore your mindset. 


  • What thoughts do I think that suck my energy dry?

  • What do I believe about myself and technology that keeps me too anxious to play and explore some wonderful resources?

  • How much time am I wasting in my panic/anxiety mode?


Get your mind right, and allow the rest to follow! And, as always, we are here to help!

Zynny Says "Maybe you are not bad at technology, maybe you are just drawn that way." (Yes I know a geeky old Roger Rabbit reference that people probably won't recognize!