Technology Coaching - What is it?

First I was a therapist and then I became a tech coach. So when people ask what I do, I tell them I do both. On occasion people ask me "what it technology coaching? How do you do that? What do you coach on?" So I thought I would put in a catch all blog that talks in general about technology coaching and what makes it so special.


  • It's about getting support when you use technology. Technology can include devices (iphone, desktop, laptop) and software (word, photoshop, jing).

  • We make technology easier to understand. I work really hard to speak like a normal person (every now and again I need a reminder). I don't speak html, css code or any of that stuff. I make it so people get it. Technology is something people can relate to.

  • We help you focus on the technology you NEED. Stop spending money on gadgets and products if it doesn't meet your business plan (short run and long run).

  • We are therapists that know the specific technologies that therapists need to keep information secure and private. We GET IT!

  • We train our clients on how to not only pick the right technology but learn to use it fully. That is something we believe saves our clients money. For example, we created a program to teach you to build your own website as a therapist. We know you can do it so you don't have to pay someone to do it for you. It is EMPOWERING!!!

  • We treat Technophobia - extreme, intense fear of technology. With our help, you can overcome this phobia and no longer be afraid.


We love helping people. That is why we train people across the country via phone, skype or webinar. Oh, and did I mention we love to travel too! This weekend we will be in San Jose helping out local CAMFT chapters assess their technology needs. So if you need us, give us a call!

What you can learn from other's websites

Kelly and I were able to do a few of these live website reviews while we were in the same zip code. A couple of fabulous people were wiling to allow us to share their evalutions, in the hopes that it would help YOU be successful with your own website.

How did you find out about us: "I heard Miranda talk on an event Casey Truffo had a while ago and I love what you both are doing. I used your suggestion for Square Space and Argonaut."

Here is what Kim had to say about the process! Notice that she used one of our suggestions and was able to start showing up on Google right away! (If you are doing groups, talks, or events, we highly recommend using a service like this one to get the word out.)

1. What was it like receiving your video evaluation? 


 love the evaluation being a video. I can review it over and over and I can see on my website exactly what you are talking about. Also, it's a little scary to ask someone to evaluate my website (I have spent a lot of time trying to get it right) and from the start you make kind statements about it and made me feel at ease with your ideas/recommendations.

2. What was the most important thing that you learned about your site from the video evaluation? 

Most important? Really the evaluation is 15 minutes packed with information. You validated some of the concerns I had and you gave me suggestions how to fix it. I just used Eventbrite (as you suggested) and I am showing up on Google!

3. What changes will you make based on this feedback? 

I am beginning to implement all of your suggestions. I like that you talked about the SEO and you saw I did a little, but gave me ways to do more.

4. What lingering questions did you have? 

For me the hardest part of the website is making it look appealing. With Square Space there are so many options, I get lost in the color and style optioins. So lingering question would be style suggestions- but you did make some statements how I could clean it up.

5. May we quote you? 

Absolutely. I loved your evaluation. I felt that you were talking to me and you found a way to communicate at my level  of understanding about my website.  

We hope you will also go over and give Kim's website a look to see what other changes she has implemented into her site as time goes by. You can visit her here.