Idea Overload

One of the reasons I love working with therapists is they are so creative. I consider counseling/psychotherapy, a creative art form. Not one session looks the same. Not one relationship looks the same. The tools used vary for each person and are tailored to their own dance and need. 

Therapists can also be creative in business. I talk to therapists all the time that have ideas for courses, ebooks, books, articles, retreats and more. The ideas just flow, so easily. They see a need and come up with ideas to reach out to people in pain. It is really beautiful to hear about and see.

And then.....dum dum dum dum....the ideas just stay ideas. Just for the purpose of this blog I want to focus on two reasons why they stay ideas: Overload and Mindset.

How do you choose an idea and follow through with it?

  • Start with the idea to closest mirrors what you are doing currently. If you do couples retreats and want to write a book....well write about some of the stuff you do in retreats so couples can practice exercises at home.

  • Write out the value. What is the purpose of the idea? Who is it for? What are your hopes and dreams about this idea.

  • Do an outline. Get a handle on what is most important about your idea.

  • Market the idea. Say what? yeah...don't create the product fully. Package comes later when you know people will buy it. Nothing worse than people that invest a ton of money in packaging and making everything pretty only to find that they can't sell the product. That is why any company tells you they beta test or do a mock up of the product first.

  • Get support. Whether a coach or a close friend that will help kick your ass into are going to need a push now and then.

Why haven't you done this yet? Well I find few common explanations. Would love to know what you think.

  • I don't have time. Well we all have the same amount of time in a day. Some of us have kids, aging parents, multiple jobs, etc. BUT how do some of us find the time? We value our idea. We know that it is a must in order to help the people we want to help and it keeps us motivated. It helps us manage our time better and reprioritize our focus.

  • No one will pay for it. Amazing, not everyone will pay for your idea, but some will. You don't need the approval of everyone. You just want to help the people that resonate with your message. This is where I see people getting stuck in creating tiers and options for their programs or products. Getting stuck in creation hinders you from sending your message into the world.

  • Someone else can do it better. But they aren't! AND if they were, what makes it unique is still them. You are proprietary to whatever you create. No one can recreate what you do exactly.

  • I need a bigger practice, more clients, another certification...more more more. - If you are waiting for the world to vet your idea, then you will be stuck in the mindset that others determine your worth, not you. No fun!

What are some of the ideas you have had to creatively help people? What have been your challenges in putting your idea into practice?