Private Practice Success Stories from Across the Country!

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We think it's important you know that you aren't alone. To hear other people's honest stories of their experiences can often give us insight into our own. That is why we love having bootcampers share their success stories because with every success is a lot of work and ups and downs. They also share their experience of our Business School Bootcamp for Therapists because while we could talk about how much we love it, it's good to get honest feedback from the people in the trenches who take the information and add life and action to it. 

Below we have three videos which highlight a variety of private practice owners. Established "dinosaur" therapists, newbies, pre-licensed therapists, group practice owners, ultra niched, and general practices. Watch, learn, and get inspired! 

  1. Dr. Gary shared his experience of coming into bootcamp with an already full, cash-pay private practice.

  2. Nyshia, LCSW shared her experience of launching a faith based practice while working full time.

  3. Namrata, LMFT shared some of her story of launching a practice as a pre-licensed therapist and how it served her upon getting licensed.

  4. Mallory, LCSW shared her experience of growing a specialized teen therapy private practice.

  5. Dr. Erika shared her experience of developing an out of the box practice as a psychologist who loves testing.

  6. Sherry shared her experience of doing a deep dive into the business side of her group practice to get things flowing and free up precious time for life balance and new projects.

  1. Tiffany who shared her story of building a niched practice in eating disorders and trauma

  2. Robyn who gave us the low down on what it's like being The Happy Couple Expert in a saturated market

  3. Kari Ann revealed how she built an insurance based group practice

  4. Beth shared how she came to bootcamp with a full cash pay practice and ended up reducing hours worked without sacrificing her income

  5. Sara delved into what it has been like building a private practice as a pre-licensed therapist with a clear niche.

  1. Lauren shares how she used to say yes to anyone for any fee, at anytime, just trying to see clients so she could build her practice, to now having a clear flow for her business.

  2. Marca started from scratch in a new city, with a specific niche as a therapist who is two spirited and Native American.

  3. Tabitha is a single mom who worked at least 3 jobs and then built her group practice as her sole job which also allows her to discover new hobbies and adventures.

  4. Yolanda moved from a free office into a group cash pay private practice that is focused on trauma treatment for the whole family.

  5. Joanne was in private practice pre-licensed and moved into a licensed private practice that has a great niche that allowed her to step into a full private practice the moment she was licensed.