Let Success Surround You


Jim Rohn is a motivational speaker known for his talks on the law of average where he speaks about how we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. This also applies to our work and owning a business. Think about it for a moment.

Who are your five people?

Do they encourage you? Challenge you? Make you stronger? Make you more vulnerable? Open you up to possibilities?

I don't believe that building a business happens alone. It takes a village quite literally. Many people have supported us on our journey, and while I want to introduce you to some of them first, here are some things to think of when building your tribe.

  • Values - You and others may do completely different things in the world, but do your values align? Is your core motivation the same? It is hard to be in community where there is misalignment. This can lead to discomfort and stress. It also makes it less likely for you to share parts of yourselves that are necessary for growth. Build trust over time and share your values with your support so you can be sure that it's a good fit.

  • Personality - Even with great values, sometimes we just aren't a good fit if we don't jive. That's ok too! It doesn't mean you don't support each other it just may mean you aren't the core support. Part of being effectively challenged is through being understood/ seen and heard. So make sure that you have some spark between you and your support.

  • Diversity - What does the other person bring that you don't have? People think it is strange that if you coach therapists, I want to meet you. (And if you do, please shoot me an email, seriously, I want to meet you kelly@zynnyme.com) This is because, there is no one like me and no one like you. If I can know what makes you different, I can better refer to you. I love chatting with Howard from SimplePractice because while we serve the same people, we have different businesses and can learn from each other. He makes me think about things that I otherwise would never get to think about if I hung out with only one kind of business.

  • Perspective - Even some of the most successful people can be stressed out, negative people. I don't want to surround myself with bitterness or grudge holders. I want to be around people that believe things are possible and find solutions. Yes, I get down so it's good to have someone who can pick me up. The key is, I don't stay down. I reach out and say - Help! and same goes from others in my circle. If they are struggling, I want them to able to come to me and be real. I can hold the other perspective of hope, sprinkled with some strategy. If we all don't believe, there is no hope in the circle. What kind of perspective on life do you want people to have? To be positive? To believe in abundance? You want people to make you a better person. Seek them out in your life!

I wanted to introduce you to a few of the people who surround us. This isn't everyone. But in honor of the  Most Awesome Conference, I thought it would be great to give an example of who is around supporting us in this adventure. 

I can't help but smile. We are so fortunate to have built some great connections.

One of our values is to support other businesses who serve therapists. When we make a referral or a recommendation we want it to be from a place of integrity. We stand by the relationships we have built and have sought to connect with others who have that same integrity. Even with our Most Awesome Conference, the sponsors and speakers - they are all people we believe in and appreciate knowing. I want you to meet them because they might be able to help you too!

Flow - This is a new app, founded by James Hollister. The premise we love - build connections and get updates on your referral network. The plans for growth for this app will make this a robust tool for anyone in private practice. Success of apps like these depend on you - download it for free, try it out, and if you run into a snafu - email James. He is great. 

Fylmit - Ernesto is the go to guy for video production in the therapist community. A therapist himself who has built a multi-location, multi-clinician practice, he knows what it takes to connect with your ideal client. He will travel to you. We've known Ernesto for several years and appreciate his enthusiasm and care for the clinicians with whom he works. He has a great facebook group for clinicians wanting to learn more so check it out on his website. 

Nicole Bonsol - As you know we love Squarespace for websites and Nicole is a master designer and creator of custom websites through the squarespace platform. From branding to writing copy, she really knows how to support therapists because they are who she loves to serve. She is offering a free course on writing your about me page.  

SimplePractice - When it comes to an investment in your business, an investment in your happiness even, we love SimplePractice and the electronic health record solution they provide. They are offering a free 30 day trial with customer support.  Check them out because when we talk about integrity, Howard the Founder is all about it. He truly cares about helping therapists. 

Brighter Vision - Don't want to mess with building a custom Wordpress site? Perry Rosenbloom has created a solution for therapists with custom templated sites, annual SEO check ups and customer support all for a monthly investmnet - we LOVE how they have helped so many of our clients overcome their frustrations and get out into the interwebs with their messages of hope and healing. They are giving away 2 months free!!! 

Joe Sanok - I met Joe through Linkedin. Can you believe that? I saw he was doing coaching and since I want great people to refer to, I wanted to get to know him better. Out of that we have built a friendship and we encourage and challenge each other in business. Joe is my go to guy for people wanting to build a community practice with multiple clinicians. 

Julie Hanks - This gal is a wonderful human. You can't spend time with her and not be affected because she brings joy and enthusiasm where ever she goes. She is the media expert and formed Rock the Media School where she helps therapists utilize media to help others. I really can't wait to hang out with her La Jolla. Plus - she does roller derby like me and we get to skate together. 

We share these people because we know each of them, refer to them, and get feedback from our clients on their work and services. We are surrounded by other wonderful businesses that serve just therapists and that is what helps us be successful. 

In addition to meeting some of our tribe - I hope this encourages you to build your own.

 Share these resources with your community, connect and maybe add one of these people into your circle while you let success surround you.