3 Things To Look for in a Coach


I am a firm believer in getting a mentor. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the influence of my mentors and coaches. Finding the right mentor is key and who I jive with isn't necessarily going to be who jives with you. So how do you choose?

I was just perusing my facebook feed and saw about 6 ads (some of them my friends) for coaching business owners. How do you know who to trust? Even coaches that cater specifically to therapists - I know of at least 10 right of the top of my head - offer a ton of options on how they can help you. They offer seminars, live events, business school bootcamps (like how I threw that in there?), intensives, masterminds, and webinars. It's easy to get overwhelmed or derailed. Some of you may have started to search and then just gave up.

I know you have been thinking about getting a mentor. I mean, that is why you read this blog, right? So I thought I would post some help in guiding you to making a decision for the best coach or mentor for your business. Sure there is a lot to consider, but I condensed it into just 3 key elements of great coaching for your business.

- Resonance - Look at the coaches you are considering. Read their blogs, take them up on their free stuff and ask yourself, "do I dig it?" There has to be value in there, not just hype and you want to feel connected and understood by them. If you don't, then move on until you find someone that does. Now I don't expect everything I say is going to be spot on for you, but you can scroll past our blogs and get a feel for what Miranda and I are about. And you can definitely attend a webinar and see our silliness and enthusiasm shine. But at the end of the day, if you don't resonate with it, then don't waste your time. Move on to find something that hits home.

- Expertise - Not all coaches offer the same kind of knowledge and support. Honestly - I don't have all the answers. I am great at sales funnels and marketing and getting your head trash out of the way so you can succeed. But if you want to know the exact way to convert your ebook into Kindle format - well I am gonna be googling it with you :) A coach out there may teach step by step how to use pinterest. If pinterest is something you decided your business really needs but you don't have the expertise for it - then that coach might be a great fit. That is key, knowing what you need. Look at your business plan, do an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and find expertise that can help you fill in the gaps. Be strategic about your choices. Not every coach that has great business sense and expertise knows how to coach. That is a skill as well.

- Results - This is a tough one for me to talk about. I am writing this, very well knowing that results with coaching varies. You can read all the testimonials (which by the way have to meet FTC regulations) in the world but at the end of the day, if you don't implement and you don't do the work, you won't get results. I can't make my clients do anything. I can only guide and show them. However, sometimes, stuff doesn't work out like we plan. A great coach cares about your results. If they advise you to do something and it doesn't pan out, they get back in there and care enough to keep figuring it out with you. They will also have the guts to say - hey, this isn't working, here is someone that can help. It takes courage and humility to do this work. We won't ever make crazy guarantees  but Miranda and I both will talk to you about expectations. For our bootcamp, our expectation was that if you got 1 to 2 clients out of implementing the changes - then you paid for the program and you got a lifetime of knowledge to build upon. That is a great result to me. The mindset shifts that we have seen in our program have been freaking phenomenal and dare I say more valuable than having an extra client or two. When you are looking for results, you are looking for integrity. 

Maybe you have put off investing in your business with coaching. My hope is that whenever and whomever you choose, may you seek a mentor that brings out the best in you. And I hope that you don't put that process off any longer. Why do we wait til things are bad or we are in crisis? See your worth. See the people that are missing out on your valuable services. Let them or yourself catapult you forward. And if you never work with us, that is ok. Take the free stuff and apply what works for you and leave the rest. Just change something for the better.