Stay Focused!

I have a quick moment set aside today to write up a blog post for you. One of our coaching clients in program asked about how we stay balanced in managing business life and personal life. I for one will testify, it ain't easy! BUT it is doable. So I am going to just do a quick list of tips that have helped me. Of course, we would love you to comment and share what has helped you!

  • Social Media Management - Before you get swallowed by the Facebook vortex, get important tasks done and reward yourself with time on facebook or some othe social media site. (Pinterest for me - around the holidays)

  • 20 minutes rule - When you have a task to do, sit for at least 20 minutes. This gives your brain time to engage fully with the activity.

  • Get creative - I like to change up my workspace. When I am not seeing clients, you can find me sitting outside, listening to some awesome music, or standing up and working. Sitting down all day will kill you.

  • Calendar - Yep, if I need to do something, I calendar and plan it out. Gone are the days of mental checklists and "Oh! I will get to that" If it isn't written down, I know it won't happen. Miranda got me hooked on Calengoo if you have multiple calendars to manage. :)

  • Make room for you - After you calendar your business tasks and household tasks (yep, those have to be scheduled to some degree or I will avoid cleaning the toilets!) you need to look at your calendar and fit yourself in. Your calendar is a reflection of your priorities and YOU need to be a priority. For everyone, that looks different. For me it is lunch with girlfriends, getting a massage, going for a walk with my daughter, or painting. What is it for you?

  • Get the worst out of the way - The stuff you dread, do it first. That works for me at least. It is sort of like the whole, eat your veggies and get dessert concept. I find if I do those tasks I don't LOVE first, then I am motivated the rest of the day for stuff I really do LOVE.

  • Love TRELLO - Trello is a fun app on my phone that tracks my to do lists for me. Check it out in your app store.

  • Be kind to yourself - I am my worst critic. Truly lack kindness sometimes. Try something and if it doesn't work, be flexible until you find what works for you. This is all learning. No reason that you should have it perfected right this second. Approach your day with love. Let go of things that you don't NEED to do if they are holding down your energy. Do more of what is GOOD for you.

Not a comprehensive list, but a little list to get your ideas flowing. Like I said, share what works for you. We can all learn from each other.