Sales for Therapists

We have another webinar coming up to help therapists that are busy, but maybe too busy to really enjoy the life they wanted to create. We are going to cover a ton of good stuff but I wanted to address the term sales, especially as it relates to therapists because I think it is key to what we are going to cover in the webinar. 

I don't know about you, but sales is not my favorite word....well it wasn't my favorite word until more recently when I began to understand it more. See, I actually believe therapists are can be the best at sales. Why? Because we understand people's pain and empathize deeply with it. It's all about relationship building and we are pros at that. Right? So I wanted to share just 3 basic qualities of sales done well for therapists. Of course, this list could be longer...but this is a start :) 

  • Sales is compassionate. Sales is not about "me" it is about "you" the client. I don't approach people in my coaching or in my therapy practice with the attitude of "let's talk about me and what I am doing and why you need me." Nope, I want to know the person, hear what they are going through and then...then I offer help. Sales done well is genuine and heartfelt. If I genuinely care about someone, I will put my best effort in trying to help them. If they don't need my help, then that is ok.

  • Sales is about helping people. If someone calls me, it means they want a change of some sort. If I don't address their fears and concerns about hiring me, I am not helping them. So often we fear marketing ourselves for being too salesy. But if we don't make it easy for them to find us and get they help need...isn't that more hurtful?

  • Sales is being vulnerable. You have to put yourself out there. It's scary because not everyone will like you. But you aren't meant to help everyone. You are meant to help the people that you resonate with the most. It takes some risk to put yourself out there and say "I can help you". If you don't feel genuine in what you are saying, then it isn't worth saying. Only offer help to the people you know you can help.

Uh oh! How do you know if you can help? This is where a major roadblock can happen for a lot of therapists. We lack confidence and understanding in what we do. Coming out of the education system that teaches us that we don't know anything until we are licensed or that even after we are licensed we need more certification and experience, we tend to undervalue what we do. But what you do is powerful and life changing. Give yourself some credit. I know this is about the work of the client, but it is your relationship with the client and tools and skills you use that help the change progress. That is worth something!

If you want to join the webinar to learn more, we would love to have you, just click here. I want to know what you think about sales and private practice. And if you would like us to blog about a topic, let us know. I promise we don't bite...well usually we don't :)