Building a Life, Business, and Practice of Integrity

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We all have core values. Things that we build our life, and our businesses around. But, what happens when things get out of whack? No, I am not talking about you letting an addiction take over, or doing something obviously illegal or unethical. 

I am talking about those smaller decisions that can lead you away from a place of integrity. What is integrity? One definition that resonates for me is the the idea of being "whole and undivided." Are you whole? Are you undivided? Or, have you built your life or business in such a way that you are starting to feel torn, weighed down, squashed...? 

As therapists, psychologistics, counselors... there are so many different names and descriptions of healers across the world... we are big on teaching integrity. But, today, are you living it? Here is a quick quiz for you to take: 

Am I living a life and running a healing practice with integrity? 

  1. Do you get adequate sleep 90% of the time?

  2. Do you care for your body and keep it in great physical and emotional health?

  3. Have you identified a limit of how many clients you can be excellent with, and held to that standard?

  4. Do you recommend the treatment you think best for your client, regardless of the financial cost or time committment?

  5. Do you communicate boundaries on the way you work best so your clients can get the best return on their investment?

  6. Do you consult at least twice a month with uplifting, supportive people?

  7. Are you truly living out and working towards your deeper purpose in the world without being scared or putting it off until later?

  8. Is your posted and stated fee actually the fee that 75% or more of your private pay clients pay?

  9. Do you run a business that creates income for vacation days, sick days, retirement, and high level trainings that keep you inspired?

  10. Are you giving back to your community out of bounty, making sure that you and your family are taken care of concurrently?

Every yes answer gets you closer to living a practice of integrity! This is not a pass/fail exam- this is part of our continued work on the planet- to move closer to a life of wholeness with a clear undivided purpose. 

Challenge: Go to our Facebook Post or LinkedIn Post and share what you are going to do differently based on today's post. Or, share something you would add to the quiz that is important for you to develop a healing practice with integrity.