I don't want to advertise, I am too busy in my practice!

Miranda and I just got back from the AWESOME Psychotherapy Networker Conference where we shared a table with Your Tango Experts. We had a raffle for a free $1500 website - uh hello, no brainer right!!?? We met so many fantastic therapists and had a great time with our friends at Your Tango.

We heard a lot of common themes coming from visitors to our table. One of the popular ones went like this...

Me: "Hi, Thanks for stopping by. We are giving away a free website for your private practice."

Them: "Oh, I am so busy, I don't think I would have time for that. I don't advertise and my practice is full."

Me: "That is so cool! Do you love working as much as you do?"

Them: (confused face as if to say, is there any other way?)

Ok...I am confused, if you have a full practice - kuddos to you - we think that is great! BUT, I don't have time to see 50 people a week, nor do I want to. I want to be at home with my family and enjoy my free time. So let's talk about the purpose of a website, being more than just getting you clients.

Websites establish your brand and expertise. When you blog about your niche, get it out there, you start to estabilsh that you know what you are talking about.Websites sell more than services. People can sell products, ebooks, and a myriad of other fun stuff. Who wouldn't want to make more money in your sleep?

Miranda had a perfect response for a visitor whose practice is full..."What happens if you get hurt?" Not to be morose, but we need other streams of income. If you have product you are selling, that is money made without having to "show up" to session. 

A lot of people who ran clinics and such talked about how busy they were but not making enough profit. When I started my private practice my goal was to do the work I love, in the time frame I wanted and to make more money. I am in the process of developing my product. It is a strategy, not a fly by night plan, but seriously, I don't want to work so hard I become frustrated and scared about how I am going to pay my mortgage. 

Leverage technology to help you! Use your website, save time with a paperless office, reduce stress with online appointments for clients and make money in other ways. Not sure how to get started? Call us, email us, facebook us, or tweet us. We promise to not bite :)