Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer

Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer

We are 2 therapists turned business coaches who will help you uncover your business vision, implement a strategic and profitable plan, and create your dream life and practice.

If you are serious about growing an impactful private practice, if you are passionate about the services you offer and you are ready for massive transformation, then...

What are you waiting for?

We <3 Helping

We both have a masters degree in Psychology and are licensed to provide therapy. We realized that if we help 50 health and wellness professionals reach clients who need them every year- we can have a greater impact than we ever could on our own! Let's heal the world! 

Growth is Good

We find many passionate professionals who are unsure what the next step is. Or they try to "wing it" and implement a plan that won't work. We know what is working today. How to get people picking up the phone to call you Today! How would 50 new phone calls transform your business? 

You can't hide

While you won't get therapy from us. it is pretty hard to hide from success when you have two therapists turned business coaches helping you. And because we are ethical professionals, we won't ever ask you to do anything shady or unethical! We care about people as much as you do!