What exactly is Business School Bootcamp?

It is the largest online business training system for helpers and healers.

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Day 1 Therapist Consultation Script
Smartest Investments Bootcamp

Lanie Smith
"I'm just getting started"

"In terms of some beliefs that shifted for me, I believed that I could just cram everything in and make it happen really fast... This bootcamp has kind of shown me that I want to slow down and lay a solid foundation. I'm excited that I have the tools to do that." 

Jean Lampert
"I'm just getting started"

"I completed Bootcamp a year ago, and in the past year, I've worked to implement many (not all) of the systems and applied much of the information to grow and maintain my practice. I opened my practice in 2013, did Bootcamp last March, and by the end of December, I had doubled my income from 2013. As the first quarter of this year comes to an end, I am on track to blow away my 2014 numbers! More importantly, though, I have learned how to take care of myself, take care of my business, and find a lovely balance between the two. I'm clear about who I am, what I offer, and no longer take on clients who are not good matches, or who can't pay my full fee (I'm not on any insurance panels.)"


Nancy Rhine
"Feeling More Empowered"

"I saw my energy level going from hopeless to feeling more empowered... I am reclaiming my years of business experience that for, some reason, stopped to a certain extent when I moved into the field of private practice, psychotherapy."

Bootcamp Fall 2014
"BSB has been an eye-opener"

"BSB has improved my quality of life in many ways. In fact, it opened me up to new possibilities in such way that even my own personal therapy took a turn for the better half way through the school. I have a new and broader vision and I am now creating multiple streams of income in complementary ways to my practice. BSB has been an eye-opener."

Stacey Horn
"I'm getting my priorities back in order"

"I think I'm getting my priorities back in order. When those ugly niggling fears try to creep in, I now have people to connect to help me through it. I continue to work on my business plan. I have more clarity (not complete yet..) about my own expectations, about my Value as a professional, and about where my money goes. I'm gaining confidence in my abilities as I continue to clarify my niche. I am not yet using even a quarter of what I have available to me as a result of bootcamp, and it's still getting better."

Rebecca Wong
"Booked 3 full fee clients"

"I've booked 3 full fee clients no issue during the intensive bootcamp weeks and I have put together an informational workshop in the community and have solid plans to create new content of value for clients that visit my website." 

Bootcamp Alumni
"I had my perfect day yesterday"

"I had my perfect day yesterday. I got up at 4 am, did all my computer work, filing, emails, and saw a single client at full fee paid by retainer for four hours. Got home by 6 and got to have dinner with my husband. Beats working a 12 hour day seeing 11 people and getting the same amount of money with a 4 hour commute."

Mercedes Stanley
"Part of a Community"

"After boot camp, I had a really good understanding about what I wanted my business to look like, what I could do to begin building my business, and a good plan for how I was going to begin developing and stabilizing my business." 

Spring 2015 Bootcamper
"This was divine intervention"

Miranda, I met you when you were training a group of therapists. You were describing these sad therapists and these sad stories. I was so filled with shame because you were describing ME. I knew I wasn't doing great, but I couldn't let myself examine the problems without a way to find a solution. But, I now have answers and resources and support. Now, I am a logical business owner. The way I was doing things just wasn't adding up, and didn't make sense financially. I am done with sliding scale for the most part, because as odd as it sounds, you both gave me permission to be done. I am worthy of making more money, and you helped me see that. I can have a successful business AND be a kind, supportive therapist. I can do this. I believe that me finding out about BSB at this time in my life was NO ACCIDENT. This was divine intervention, and I will be forever grateful to this process and to the both of you for what you have given me. 


Making a Difference in Therapists' Practice

What's covered in Business School Bootcamp

Module 1: It all starts with you

We start helping you understand who you are, your amazing strengths, as well as the business blocks, and sabotaging business beliefs that will keep you stuck. We will also show you ways to set a clear intention and short-term goal for your business. 

Module 2: Establishing Effective Processes

We start to dig in to the foundation of your clinical and business processes helping you develop solid patterns and habits that lead to better clinical and business outcomes. We include work related to scheduling, policies and procedures, boundaries and limit setting, and how and why to integrate outcome work into your clinical process.

Module 3: Getting organized

We dig in to the daily business processes of your business. We talk about why and how to go paperless, ways to manage your time and busy schedule, why, what, and how to outsource, and how to manage your contacts.

Module 4: Finance

Therapists, for the most part, hate to talk or think about numbers. Our goal is to reduce the fear and denial and teach you how to get your money on track. Learn about gross vs. net, what a profit & loss is, and determine if you need to hire a bookkeeper or ways to DIY! 

Module 5: Business Planning

This one is one of my favorite pieces of the program, and probably the thing you are most or least looking forward to. We are going to take you step-by-step through the process of developing a business plan for your private practice. We know therapy business plans can look a little different than a business plan for selling widgets! We want to show you how to have an effective business plan that breaks down your plan into actual steps and manageable chunks. We will also show you the steps to take to make your business plan actual work for your business, instead of just being a piece of paper collecting dust! We will even provide you templates and processes for raising your fees (whether that is something you do now or in 5 years), and ways to respond to people’s questions about your fees.

Module 6: Marketing

We get real about what it takes to really connect with people online and offline. You will learn how and why to develop a niche mentality (even if you aren’t planning to have just one specialty), how to put your passion into words, what the pieces of an effective website are, how and why to blog (with easy peasy ways that make blogging painless!), and how and why to start building a contact list of referrals and potential clients. 

Module 7: Social Media

You keep hearing that you have to get on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn… the list goes on and on and on… we will teach you how to develop a social media strategy that makes sense for you, for your clients, your business goals, and your schedule. We will show you how to use cool tools that make social media more manageable, why to track what is working, and how to use social media in 5-15 minutes a day.

Module 8: So Much More

Find out about how to create speaking engagements that get you clients, what to do at booths, and lots of other fun topics related to building your practice!


Enrolling in Business School Bootcamp

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About Kelly and Miranda

We are 2 therapists turned business coaches who are committed to helping you uncover your business vision, implement a strategic and profitable plan, and create your dream life and practice. You see, we've been in your shoes. We both have a masters degree in Psychology and are licensed to provide therapy. Our vision changed when we realized that if we help 50 health and wellness professionals reach clients who need them every year- we can have a greater impact on the world than we ever could just running our own psychotherapy practices!  So far, Business School Bootcamp has helped hundreds of therapists take control of their practice and build a successful, passionate private practice. We'd love to help you too.