What exactly is the Business School Bootcamp?

It is a step-by-step intensive program that walks you through digging into the areas of your practice necessary for success. It includes click-by-click video trainings that show you exactly what you need to do, daily homework assignments, accountability, support, encouragement, an awesome community, and live Q & A calls. 

Why Video Training?

We believe information without implementation doesn’t make change. Too many times in live trainings people have great ideas- and great intentions to implement when they get home. But, they get busy. Or, they get home, and something sounded “easy” is actually incredibly confusing and overwhelming! Click-by-click videos are focused on showing you exactly how to do what we are asking of you! And, our supportive private group allows you to post questions and get answers. No worrying about “waiting your turn” to ask a question. In an online environment, you can post all of your questions.

We also know that logistically getting 10 therapists anywhere at the same time can be a nightmare! So, video trainings allow you to do the bulk of the work at the time of day that works within your life today. 

Finally, we want you to be learning skills that you can practice on an ongoing basis. Learning a new skill or habit often takes a few times before it becomes second nature. Having videos you can re-watch anytime you need to is the best way to help you become confident in your skill level!

We also break down our daily training into manageable little bite sized pieces to make it easy to reference in the future- and to help you break up the work into small chunks! This also allows us to give you unlimited, lifetime access to the videos! You can reference them in the future whenever you like! 

Wait- is there time with you guys? 

Absolutely! Besides making sure that our training is spot-on doing exactly what you need, we include daily online Q & A, as well as 2 live scheduled Q & A calls. We are there to provide the support you need through the entire process!

"Miranda and Kelly rock. They are funny, supportive and the right amount of kicking your butt when needed. They have the knowledge and they share openly. Only do this bootcamp if you want to push yourself and bring your business to the next level." Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT

How much material is covered?

Prior to the bootcamp starting, we recommend you set aside 1 hours per week to dig into pre-work. We have material we want you to ponder, explore, and implement from Day 1 of sign-up. 

During the LIVE bootcamp we will carve out 2 weeks where alumni, and new bootcampers will come together to work live on their businesses together. We are asking you to put aside 3-4 hours per day for learning and taking action for 14 days. We know sometimes logistically that doesn’t work- but we want you to see how much progress you can make in your business in just a few weeks. We will also be asking you to schedule certain tasks on your calendar in the future and to hold those times sacred. Having a thriving business doesn’t need to overtake your life, but it is something you need to give time and attention to- just like your relationships!

Wait, I think I’d like to do a program that was longer…

We thought long and hard about the timing of our program. What we have found in our longer-term program is that often people start off with LOTS of energy and then they fall off and get distracted. We have done 8-week programs with amazing therapists who are ultra-committed- but it ONLY worked because we have ultra-small groups less than 10, and we could spend the time making sure everyone is progressing forward with individual coaching and oversight. And even then, they tended to falter and lose steam at the end of two months! 

If you want more time to dig into your business- sign-up early! You will start getting weekly homework assignments to start transforming your business right away! When you invest in the program, you will also get lifetime access to repeat the program when it is offered annually. Everyone should dig into their business at least once a year- now you won't have any excuses! 

"BSB was and continues to be an amazing experience. Firstly, it is not just a bootcamp about the business side of private practice. For me it was a rich group experience where I learned and took leaps into unchartered territory, out of my comfort zone... all the while being surrounded by this wonderful group of people. Miranda and Kelly were always available to answer our questions, challenge, and support us. I surprised myself..... a 'painfully' fun relational experience! Many issues discussed were clinical issues. Marketing and networking tools that Kelly and Miranda shared were also very relational and sat well with me. Networking and marketing does not feel 'yucky' to me anymore but natural and fun! My perspective has changed: I simply need to make myself accessible to people, who are in need and out there already. All in all, it was an empowering experience. I see my business and my role as a therapist differently. I'm grateful for all I learned and people I have met because of my BSB experience. My practice has grown and I'm enjoying myself more than ever, doing what what I love to do." Yasmin Philipos

Can’t I just do the program at some other time? 

We have committed to making the Business School Bootcamp an annual program. Part of the beauty of the program is the energy, passion, and excitement of the group. We have no plans at this time to run this program more than once or twice per year.

However, what we have committed to, is that people get lifetime access into the program. They can repeat the program annually (including any additional materials that are released, developed, etc.) for no additional investment. We are developing a strong community of clinicians and we want them to develop long-term relationships. 

The longer you wait to do something in your business- the longer you will feel the way you do now. 

Ok- wait- what topics will be covered? 

Moment 1: Consultation Training

As soon as someone is accepted into our program, we send out an initial consultation script and video training that explains the why and how of the script. We have found that this script helps build clinicians confidence, helps with scheduling full-fee clients, reduces no-shows, and helps therapists set clear expectations for the therapy process. We ask our clients to watch the video, practice the script, and to “try it on for size” immediately.

Moment 2ish: Getting Started

We start to drip out pre-work. Assignments take anywhere from 15 minutes-2 hours. These give you a jump-start on the program, help you get confident about our teaching style and oriented to the process before the program even starts. These are integral to your immediate success and imperative to complete before the bootcamp starts. 

We love hearing from alumni that the pre-work and the script helped them start scheduling full fee clients before the bootcamp even officially started! 

Module 1: It all starts with you

We start helping you understand who you are, your amazing strengths, as well as the business blocks, and sabotaging business beliefs that will keep you stuck. We will also show you ways to set a clear intention and short-term goal for your business. 

Module 2: Establishing Effective Processes

We start to dig in to the foundation of your clinical and business processes helping you develop solid patterns and habits that lead to better clinical and business outcomes. We include work related to scheduling, policies and procedures, boundaries and limit setting, and how and why to integrate outcome work into your clinical process.

Module 3: Getting organized

We dig in to the daily business processes of your business. We talk about why and how to go paperless, ways to manage your time and busy schedule, why, what, and how to outsource, and how to manage your contacts.

Module 4: Finance

Therapists, for the most part, hate to talk or think about numbers. Our goal is to reduce the fear and denial and teach you how to get your money on track. Learn about gross vs. net, what a profit & loss is, and determine if you need to hire a bookkeeper or ways to DIY! 

Module 5: Business Planning

This one is one of my favorite pieces of the program, and probably the thing you are most or least looking forward to. We are going to take you step-by-step through the process of developing a business plan for your private practice. We know therapy business plans can look a little different than a business plan for selling widgets! We want to show you how to have an effective business plan that breaks down your plan into actual steps and manageable chunks. We will also show you the steps to take to make your business plan actual work for your business, instead of just being a piece of paper collecting dust! We will even provide you templates and processes for raising your fees (whether that is something you do now or in 5 years), and ways to respond to people’s questions about your fees.

Module 6: Marketing Message

We get real about what it takes to really connect with people online and offline. You will learn how and why to develop a niche mentality (even if you aren’t planning to have just one specialty), how to put your passion into words, what the pieces of an effective website are, how and why to blog (with easy peasy ways that make blogging painless!), and how and why to start building a contact list of referrals and potential clients. 

Module 7: Your Marketing Plan

Create a specialized 3 month marketing plan that makes sense for your ideal clients, your personality, your community, and your time constraints. Learn how to track what is working and what isn't so you can tweak your marketing plan every 3 months as your business needs shift so you can always have a lean, mean marketing plan that really makes sense for your needs! (Are you full? Did you hire a new clinicians? Launching a retreat? Learn how to shift and tweak as your needs shift!) 

Module 8: What's Next? 

Find out about how to create speaking engagements that get you clients, what to do at booths, and lots of other fun topics related to building your practice!