You have a brilliant therapist practice that's ready for success. You're armed with the knowledge, tools, and training needed to provide the best care imaginable for your clients while not stressing about the biz side.  

Awesome. You are exactly where you need to be.  


But -- yeah, there’s always a but -- now, you gotta make it happen.  

Maybe you’ve even found yourself wishing Bootcamp was a little longer. Like, MONTHS long maybe? You’d just LOVE to have Miranda and Kelly at your fingertips, keeping you accountable, and directing you week-by-week so you can get to where you want to be as quickly as you want to be there.  

While we believe you CAN do this on your own... we want you to remember - this is YOUR business, and you don't have to!  

It’s kinda like trying to exercise at home. Do you push yourself nearly as hard as when you have that spin or yoga class, instructor? Unless you're some kind of beast, we're guessing not.  

When it’s just you steering the ship, it's so easy to...  

  • Miss deadlines! - ‘What’s another week, right?’ - While it's important to be kind to yourself, it's a little too tempting just to push and push and push... and never get anything done!  
  • Put growth on the back burner - Your day is so stacked with all sorts of super important stuff, you never seem to have time to strategize your growth. (Plus, it’s so much easier to get through those daily tasks than sit down and THINK!)  
  • Get stuck in the miasma of marketing - You wish you could get to the heart of your talent and build a strong branding message, but it feels impossible to do all by yourself.  
  • Feel lost at sea - When you're not receiving any feedback or guidance it's hard to feel confident about where you're heading. You want the biz side to be easy, so you give better care to your clients, but it's difficult when you're so stressed.  
  • Lose sight of your destination - While you might have a clear vision now, how will that look in 3, 6, or 9 months? Will you still be on track towards your epic business goals?