If you are a therapist who is doing well, you aren't alone. 

The issues you struggle with are different than those hoping the phone will ring. You struggle with things like: 

  • What do I do with my every-growing waiting list? 
  • Is it ethical to have a 10 week waiting list? 
  • Should I hire an intern? A licensed person? 
  • How do I grow from just me, into a group practice? 
  • How do I create passive income? 
  • How do I grow my practice without becoming a manager or seeing more clients? 
  • How can I get out from the insurance trap and move into private pay full time? 
  • Should I write a book? Should I get a publisher? Or self-publish? 
  • I want to take my message out into the world and become well-known- where do I start? 

We get it. We love to help therapists grow smart practices. Here are some specific ways we help: 

We have an 8 week intensive program that integrates weekly individual coaching, group coaching with other professional therapists go along the same path, and weekly learning/action that helps you take your idea from amorphous to something real that the world can see and engage with. If you'd like to be interviewed for the program, apply below.