Confidence in private practice

While there are therapists doing really well in private practice, the majority of therapists we speak with are really looking to feel confident about their private practice. 

When we launched our Business School Bootcamp for Therapists, we integrated a process of interviewing each person who was interested. The interview process allowed us to choose students who would benefit from the training, allowed us to tailor the program to the needs of our students, but it also gave us some insight. 

You see, I started asking therapists a very specific question: 

If we were to fast forward to 30 days after you completed the bootcamp, and you were looking back and thinking "I am SO glad I did this program, it was the perfect investment of my time, my energy, and my finances- what specifically would be different? How could I see from the outside that this had really worked for you?" 

Do you want to know the #1 word that therapists used? Confidence. I would finally feel confident about my business. I would feel confident about my decision to go into private practice. i would feel confident about my next steps. 

Why does it matter whether therapists feel confident in their businesses? 

Going to work every day feeling less than confident, is really going to work feeling less than. You don't want that for our clients, and I don't want that for you. When you are feeling unsure or less than it will soak any motivation for your work and your business away. And then, when you aren't "doing" as much, you will feel more less than. The less than feeling can create a vicious cycle! 

Therapists: Make a plan to feel more confident today! 

Your clients need  you to tap into your passion and your energy today. You are good enough, just as you are! We'd love to help you tap into your confidence today. Check out the free how to set fees in private practice training. You will find out that setting fees is about SO much more than money. 

Are you looking for step-by-step business help? Check out how the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists is changing private practices from the inside out!