Why We All Need Business Therapy

Why We All Need Business Therapy

As a psychotherapist, I hope you believe in therapy. I truly hope that you have a deep down sense of how powerful a tool therapy is to change not just one person's lives- but all the lives that touch that person. 

What defines a therapeutic experience? 

A good therapist also knows that there are experiences that can be therapeutic in nature. Not traditional psychotherapy per se- the treatment of mental illness with psychological techniques and interventions- but something different. Therapeutic experiences are those that take someone who is functioning ok, and helps them move to a different level of wellness in one or more areas of their life- even though they don't have a mental illness. 

Physical, emotional, spiritual, and many other types of coaching, retreats, support groups, communities and more can trigger this kind of change in one area that starts to bleed over into many other areas of one's life. 

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