How to Have Fun Getting your CEUs

As a mental health professional, the learning never stops. While I love continuing education, I also know that it can feel hard to fit in when you are seeing clients and running a business. Recently I have decided to make this process a whole lot more enjoyable. Want to join me? Here is what I have learned so far.

– Be curious. Recently, I signed up for a songwriting course. Is this because I am going to be a songwriter?  I am simply curious about the process and would love to play with writing some songs for my daughter. Not all of your learning as therapist has to set you on the path to a specialization or a certificate. Have some fun and choose to learn something you know nothing about!

-Flex a muscle. Adventure into developing a new expertise or focus. Building upon learning to become an expert is an awesome goal for your CEUs. Maybe you want to become Gottman certified or specialize in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Jumping off of the knowledge you already have can be equally as fun.

-Look at the benefit. Beyond checking off those CEU hours, how is what you are learning going to benefit your skill set as a therapist, your relationship with the client, the impact on the client and your business? If you are in private practice, CEU hours will direct impact your business as you learn new skills. When you know your “why” of choosing the CEU, it can be motivating.

-Get a community. Get your CEU hours with a friend or group of colleagues. Some CEU courses like ours offer a community online where you can build relationships. Doing CEUs with others can be more fun with support and shared ideas.

-Make it accessible. Online CEUs work well for people that can’t travel and need more flexibility in when they obtain their hours. Others turn their CEU time into a vacation (speak to your accountant about tax write offs) choosing CEU hours at a destination. This is the best if you can do it. Go to Hawaii, learn something new and bring your family. If you do online hours, go somewhere for the day that is relaxing and still make time to clear your mind and focus on learning.

Stop just checking CEUs off of your to-do list and start enjoying the process.

Our bootcamp is now offering 14 hours of CEUs through NBCC. If you have been wanting to work on your business but are frustrated that you aren’t going to get education credit for all of your effort, then check out more information at

What have you learned lately in your CEUs?