I Got Invited to Speak at a Conference: Now What?

Mind your own business conference for therapist and counselors

Mind your own business conference for therapist and counselors

As you start to build your private practice and develop an expertise, people will take notice. As new people notice what you are doing and grow respect for your skills, new opportunities are going to come your way. However, not every opportunity is right for you. So, how do you know what to say yes to and what to say no to? 

I Got Invited to Speak at a Conference

Kelly and I get multiple invites each month to speak at events, conferences, and to small groups. However, not every opportunity is right. We were asked to speak at the Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) Conference put on by Stephanie Adams. We thought it would be fun to show you some of the behind the scenes reasons we decided to speak at this fabulous, free online conference for therapists. 

Say Thank You, and Ask Questions

When you get an email it is VERY easy to get excited and say "YES!" to every opportunity. However, some opportunities can be distractions, time-sucks, etc. So, the best first step to take is to say thank you and then to ask some questions so you can make an informed decision and ENJOY the process of saying YES! and speaking, or feel confident in declining the offer with grace. 

What Questions Should I Ask When Invited to Speak? 

Here are just a few questions you could ask when you are invited to speak. 

  • Who is the audience? 
  • How many people you expect to attend? 
  • How many people do you expect to attend my individual breakout? 
  • Any requirements regarding my marketing of this event? 
  • Who else is speaking or presenting? 
  • Where will this event be marketed? 
  • May I give attendees the option of joining my newsletter? 
  • May I write an article that you can use as part of your promotion of this event? 
  • What is your budget for speakers?

There of course many other questions you could ask, and not all of these questions may be appropriate, but hopefully it gets your juices flowing. A great example was a Bootcamp attendee who an organization approached to speak at an event after reading of the bootcamper's blogs. After a pep talk from the Bootcamp attendee, the therapist asked about the budget and found out there were some great perks to speaking!

What Else Should I Ask Before Saying Yes to Speak? 

In addition to the questions you might ask the organizer of the event, there are also questions you should ask yourself. Here are just a few: 

  • How does this fit within my overall business plan for this year? 
  • How much time will this take for to prep, promote, and attend? 
  • How much emotional and creative energy will this take to prep, promote, and attend? 
  • Do I have this time and energy to give? 
  • Would this time and energy be better used in a different event, activity, or project? 
  • Do the organizers views and mission resonate with me? 
  • How likely are my ideal clients to attend this event? 
  • How excited or energized do I feel when thinking about this event? 
  • If this requires promotion, do you have room in your marketing schedule to share about this? 

Notice that to fully answer these questions, you need to have a plan about where you want your business to head, you need to have an idea about your energy level, and you need to understand what you are already have slated to share. I know not everyone starts out with all their ducks in a row. However, if you want to feel GREAT about what you are doing and feel confident long-term, I encourage you to develop a system. 

Even if it is as simple as 12 pieces of paper posted to your wall with notes on each about your goals for that month and your big life and business events. 

These were the questions we asked when invited to Stephanie Adam's Mind Your Own Business free online conference for therapists. While our schedule is PACKED with the upcoming bootcamp- we were REALLY excited about what was bring presented. We also loved that we had the freedom to develop a talk that we thought would be most impactful and fun! 

Since we are on vacation the week of the presentation, we actually pre-recorded our chat, but invited a few lucky people to participate so that we could have the best of both worlds- something interactive and impactful, but also something that worked within our schedules! 

Are you coming to the Mind Your Own Business Conference? Click here to grab your free spot. We'd love to see you there! Not able to attend? Check out our upcoming free webinars for therapists, take the free mini business school bootcamp, or access over 10 hours of free trainings here.