Website Dictionary for Therapists

I’ve been watching therapists in Facebook groups talk about how to build a website. Sometimes the information provided is FANTASTIC! However, sometimes, people with limited knowledge are spreading incomplete, or incorrect information. I’m a therapist. I’ve launched a cash-pay private practice from nothing. I’ve also built at least a hundred websites for other therapists, and helped hundreds of therapists get their websites on track. So, when I provide information it isn’t just from a “this worked for me” place. It is from a place of having hands-on knowledge in working with a lot of therapists in a lot of different places.

Where should you get your website information from?

I think it is important to have a certain amount of education and foundational knowledge before you build your website. Yes, even if you are going to hire someone to build it for you. Why? Because I’ve seen a LOT of therapists (and other business owners) be taken advantage of. Here is where you MIGHT get your information:

  1. Someone who is getting clients from their website.
  2. Someone whose website is showing up on the first page of Google in the organic section (not ads) when you search for something other than their name or the name of their business.
  3. Someone who has understanding of your technical level or has a similar technical level to you.
  4. Someone who has had their website for at least a few years- something that seems like a good idea now- might not be a good solution.
  5. Someone who has a similar budget to you.
  6. Someone who wants to spend the same amount of time as you do on their website.
  7. Someone who you like the look of their website.

Unfortunately, on Facebook groups it can be considered poor form to fully interview people. I see a lot of people saying- I built my website here- it was easy! However, building a website is the easy part (believe it or not)… it is writing the website, making sure it speaks to your ideal client, and getting it showing up on searches that is the more complex part!

The Website Dictionary for Therapists

To that end, I put together the Website Dictionary for Therapists, Psychologists, and Social Workers. It will help you get some of the vocabulary straight and get a foundation down so you can start exploring how to build the right website for you. The dictionary is being added to all the time, Click below to get your free copy and connect with the web version.

Click here to grab your Free Website Dictionary for Therapists


Miranda Palmer

I have successfully built a cash pay psychotherapy practice from scratch on a shoestring budget. I have also failed a licensed exam by 1 point (only to have the licensing board send me a later months later saying I passed), started an online study group to ease my own isolation and have now reached thousands of therapists across the country, helped other therapists market their psychotherapy practices, and helped awesome business owners move from close to closing their doors, to being profitable in less than 6 weeks. I've failed at launching online programs. I've had wild success at launching online programs. I've made mistakes in private practice I've taught others how to avoid my mistakes. You can do this. You were called to this work. Now- go do it! Find some help or inspiration as you need it- but do the work!