Formula to Build a Private Practice

When building a private practice there is a truly simple recipe for success.

Action + Consistency = Success

Action can take many forms. It can be through marketing, networking, and planning. In our bootcamp we are really big on action. Each day there is a checklist of items to work on and they carry on for the months following the bootcamp. You can spend a lot of time thinking and guessing about the outcomes but until you take action you have nothing to analyze.

Action alone is not enough.

Imagine only marketing your practice once. You build a website, never to look at it again. It is brilliant that you took action, but the value lies in continuing to build it as a resource for your community.

Another example, sending a tweet into the universe is a great start to action. But to tweet regularly and build relationships consistently – then you will discover if twitter is right for your private practice building efforts.

Your action must be paired with consistency.


I have heard others tell me, “blogging doesn’t work.” However, upon further review they only wrote 4 blogs over the course of the year. There needs to be a pattern to your action so you have statistics to really interpret. We run our bootcamp bi-annually because we want to emulate what you should be doing in your business, regularly looking at your planning and marketing to evaluate what is and what isn’t working. It is with the consistency of action and consistency of evaluation that you hone your efforts in building a private practice to focus on the essentials.

What is essential for one is not for for the other. 

Take a look at what you have done in building your private practice. How consistent have you been and what were the results? Once you know those answers then you can determine if you want to continue down the path you started or to change directions.

Success is defined by you.

What are the results you are after? For some of you it might be a certain amount of income, others it might be outcomes with clients and for others it is growth in other areas outside of the therapy room. Either way, it takes pursuit of success and continued effort to bear the fruit and see results.

If you are wanting more visitors to your site to start, then measure page views. If you want your phone to ring more, then measure who referred the callers. Put into your processes a way to analyze and understand the results of your consistent actions.

What actions have you been taking lately to build your successful private practice?