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It is important to know that you can make a great, sustainable income simple seeing clients. However, you can also choose to create a sustainable private practice with more variety in how you make an income. We have a 60 minute free video training below (if you prefer to learn via video). But here are some things to know if you are exploring options for multiple streams of income: 

Multiple Streams of Income

The first thing to realize, is that you don't necessarily need to get additional training in order to create another stream of income. Much of what you do every day has been preparing you for that new stream of income. Going Beyond the Couch™ is all about translating what you do into a new format. Those formats can include groups, in person speaking, online speaking, writing, retreats, intensives, consulting, supervision, training, certifications, and so much more .

How To Translate Therapy Skills Into Income Streams

While you can get retooled and retrained- the truth is you have amazing skills. Here are some examples of how therapists have translated their therapy skills and tools into income streams: 

  1. Create a group therapy course in person that allows you to work with multiple people at once for an income stream.

  2. Package and sell a group therapy curriculum that you have successfully run to other professionals.

  3. Speak to community groups and share a tool or psycho-education that you share in therapy with groups.

  4. Create a video, audio, written, or online training that your community or clients could benefit from.

  5. Re-packaging a therapy intervention into a game, deck of cards, or book for clients to use at home, or therapists to use with their clients.

  6. Packaging interventions you've used successfully into an in-person, online, written, video, or audio training or certification that other therapists can benefit from.

Are Income Streams for Therapists All About the Money? 

It is important that you make money from the projects you put together, BUT it isn't all about the money. Here are the reasons why you need to make money- BUT it really has nothing to do about money. 

  1. You need to make money to sustain the work. The truth is, money is a resource, like time. Receiving income from a project allows you the luxury of carving out time to do it regularly without choosing between losing income, sleep, or self-care time.

  2. Your work could change the world. Some of my heroes are John Gottman, Robin Shapiro, and Sue Johnson. They took their passions and translated it into something that has truly been transformational for therapists and clients all around the world. None of these individuals could have had this much of an impact if there wasn't a way for them to get paid doing it.

  3. People assign time according to value. While giving away free materials is fabulous and a great way to help people. To really go deep with people- to get time in their busy lives- you need to create a commitment. One way people commit to things is by assigning their finances. Just like getting paid allows you to set aside time, clients paying for a product or service creates an obligation to put the time and effort in to get what they paid for.

Are you ready to create a new stream of income?

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beyond the couch tm multiple streams of income for therapists

beyond the couch tm multiple streams of income for therapists

  • Are you wondering how to develop multiple streams of income?

  • Wondering if an ebook is right for you?

  • Are you overrun with clients and needing alternate ways to meet the demand?

  • Or, do you have too few clients and looking for ways to supplement your income?

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