Welcome to KAT

The KAT Mastermind is a 6-month program that combines expert advice, major accountability, community support, and mentorship tailored specifically to YOUR practice.  

 We created this to be YOUR place to go when things get rough, tough, and you just want to put your head in the sand. This is where you can get the support you need to keep you movin' and groovin' through the first 6 months of 2018!  

Through live group coaching, virtual retreats, individualized support, and major accountability, we’ll show you how to actualize your zone of genius and use it to attract your ideal client.  

Why a Mastermind? We believe lots of heads are definitely better than one (or even two!) A mastermind group is more than just coaching. It’s about you tapping into the collective wisdom of the members to enrich your learning, and to push you out of your comfort zone--and into the private practice of your dreams!  

Now, because we want to create the safest, most productive setting possible, we are only opening up this Mastermind to [25] of the most motivated therapists out there. Is that you? We bet it is!  

What am I going to learn?  

Honestly? Anything you want! This is a very open-ended, member-directed mastermind. While we have topics and lessons we think will be helpful for you -- and we’ll be there to help guide the course -- we want to customize this program 100% to YOUR needs.  

We’ll cover topics like…  

  • Aligning your practice with your unique talents, mission, and message, so every move you make feels organic, natural, and powerful! 
  • Developing a course or program so you can reach more people, and make more passive income. 
  • How to hire yourself out as a consultant and be seen as an expert. 
  • The process of building an email list of members who LOVE you, and you love back. How to master your social media skills on lock, so it's actually enjoyable --and effective -- instead of just another chore.
  • The art of developing a fool-proof marketing strategy that’s never “salesy."  
  • How to write opt-ins, sales pages, and other copy that’s on brand and appeals to your ideal client. 
  • Clarifying your authentic brand message, so you attract ONLY the clients you love.
  • How to charge higher rates (the ones you deserve). 
  • And so much more!  

Why take this journey alone, when there are so many like-minded people wanting to help? Here's what is included...

Monthly Coaching

On the 2nd Tuesday of the month, we’ll all meet together for 90 amazing minutes! You’ll get the chance to ask us anything and get direct coaching on the spot. This is like getting the benefit of 1:1 coaching PLUS eavesdropping on 24 other coaching sessions! Because guess what? If you have a problem, we bet most everyone else has the same one. (If you can’t make a sesh, don’t worry, we’ll send you a recording!)  .

Weekly check ins

Weekly, K+M will be hosting facebook lives at a regular time for you to check in and ask questions so you can stay on task for the week. Each Live will challenge, encourage, and inspire! These will be tailor-made for YOUR group and allow you time to get direct answers from coaches who know and love you, aka US!  

accountability pods

Find your business spirit sibling,... your business buddy... your biz boo... your biz bae... your practice partner... biz partner-in-crime… you get the idea. We'll handpick a group of 2-3 partners based your personal goals and practice. You and your pod will meet twice a month -- more if you want-- to help provide feedback, accountability, and the support to gently push each other through the process! Together!