Are you looking for coaching?

Are you ready to develop a clear plan for your private practice so you can be confident, profitable, and energized with your clients? 

As you know, we've helped thousands of therapists transform their mindset, move to cash-pay practices, get the phone ringing, and work smarter instead of harder. 

We used to do a lot of individual coaching, but so many of our clients struggled to implement. It wasn't that we didn't give them the tools, or that they weren't capable. It wasn't that they weren't motivated. It was that no matter how much coaching we provided, we couldn't provide them the community and extended support that they needed to break through the barriers that were keeping them stuck in old patterns. 

When we started offering group coaching and training through our Business School Bootcamp, the community provided support and accountability to get people from the place of just thinking about doing things for their practice into taking serious action, where the growth in your practice really happens. We watched people who had been blocked and stopped up suddenly unleashed as they got support not just from us, but from their peers from around the world. 

The truth is, it is one thing for a business coach (even a therapist who is a business coach) to give you permission to make progress forward- but it is completely different to feel that permission from peers. Isn't that who we most fear will judge our successes, failures, fees, or record keeping practices? 

You can learn more about Business School Bootcamp for Therapists here and schedule your interview where one of us will personally interview you and get to know you. 

Who We Coach

We only coach a handful of clients per year who are advanced and further along in their private practice journey through individual packages and advanced coaching through a private intensive. Why? Because we love digging deeper, getting creative, and pushing people farther than they thought they could go. Many people start with our Business School Bootcamp because in order to dig deep and go far, you need a solid foundation. Business School Bootcamp gives therapists the solid foundation they need. And yes, for many of them- that is all they need. For about 5%, bootcamp is the jumping off point that frees them up for bold things. Bootcamp challenges you to: 

  • Create a clear vision for your life and your work and create real balance
  • Identify and address what keeps you stuck in your work and life
  • Create a real business plan and financial plan that supports your life
  • Get clear about what you are great at and learn to put that into words
  • Create deep connection with potential clients through your online marketing
  • Implement and take regular, targeted action to create and maintain private practice growth
  • Streamline your practice so you can spend your time with clients or on life- not on paperwork

Before you dig into more information on the bootcamp, get  weekly hour long trainings delivered to you over the next month to help you warm up your business skills and get you even more motivated!


Who Is Right for Bootcamp? 

Initially, we thought bootcamp would be most attractive to people starting out in private practice. But truth is, our clients told us differently.

Our alumni includes:

  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Even a few other healing professionals 

Who are... 

  • New to private practice
  • Have been in private practice for 20+ years
  • Already have cash pay practices
  • Have insurance based practices
  • Have too many or too few clients
  • Want small (or large) private practices 
  • Want solo (or group) practices
  • Do (or don't) have big visions Beyond the Couch

Check it out for yourself

Here is what others are saying:

I’m super blown away about what has happened in the past 2 weeks. I have, cross my fingers, secured 3 clients for my year long intensive. I also have two new clients at my new individual rate. I feel so, so, so grateful and I’m so proud of myself for taking the risk and stepping into the mindset of abundance. Knowing that there is enough. Thank you.
— Awesome Art Therapist January 2014
I have begun seeing myself as the professional I know I am and have the return of passion, joy, and excitement for my career...I attribute this shift to BSB & fearless leaders, Kelly and Miranda.....”
“It is awesome the way you are going step by step to bring up ideas for how to make a private practice work out. There are so many things I never thought of that you are revealing to us. I can just feel myself thinking in a new way, broadening the foundation to launch my business with more confidence. And it’s only day three!”

Are you ready?

Let's get you started with some of our free exercises and trainings and we will give you all the details about the bootcamp. Then you can schedule an interview where we can discover if our bootcamp is the right next step for you.