We are SO excited about our Week 1 Business School Bootcamp Live Q & A. You can choose whether you'd like to be live on the call if we need clarification. 

Be sure to wear a pair of earphones or earbuds so we don't hear an echo when we chat with you. You will also have the option to video conference with us- so you can choose to turn on your webcam if you'd like (still need earbuds though). 

If we can't hear you when we unmute you or there is a big echo, we will have to move on so we don't have people listening to dead air! 

Notice the categories present for this call. Next week we will have additional categories. The final week will be a free for all- any and all questions invited! 

If you have multiple questions- you will need to post them individually (I know it's a pain!) This is the best way we have found to make a flow to the call and organize topics so your brain can take it all in! 

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