A Dad's Perfect Practice

A Dad's Perfect Practice

“I thought I already knew everything and realized I don’t know anything.”

You know how to do therapy, but do you know how to create a practice that is right for you and your family? Adam, a clinical psychologist in Arizona shares how he built a part time practice with insurance and cash pay clients that allowed him to be present for his two small children and teach at the university. He created a great fit for himself and his clients.

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Creating a Successful Private Practice in 2017: People NEED You!

Creating a Successful Private Practice in 2017: People NEED You!

Do you believe that your community needs you in private practice? I do. Start to look around as you go about your day and you will see lots of people who could benefit from the work that you do. Or, you could dig into some of the data out in the world! And while non-profits and agencies can meet some of the need, a lot of people would benefit from private practice services. 

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Websites for Therapists: Where to get FREE photos

So... you've got a website... you are starting to think about blogging. And you think- I really need some photographs for my website. Where do you go? Can you find free photographs? Can you just grab them from Google? What about Creative Commons License? I'm going to help today. But first, let me tell you how I paid over $1,000 for ONE picture and how you can avoid my rookie mistake 

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Wordpress.Org Website Designer Review

Wordpress.Org Website Designer Review

We are stoked to be reviewing BrighterVision Website Designer for Therapists

BrighterVision specializes in custom Wordpress.org sites for Therapists. (Not sure what the difference is between Wordpress, Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org- check out the Website Dictionary for Therapists). We aren't super shy about it. We are pretty clear that most therapists are unprepared for managing their own Wordpress.org site. We might even be quoted more than once saying "I hate Wordpress!" hehe So, why are we excited to talk about Wordpress today? 

Wordpress is sometimes the best solution for therapists. However, we recommend that therapists who need or want Wordpress.org sites outsource that puppy to someone awesome. The trouble is, it can get expensive pretty quickly to work with a Wordpress designer. Even more complex, there are only a few Wordpress designers who specialize in working with therapists. 

We are excited today to review a program that has made getting a custom designed and maintained Wordpress site accessible for even therapists starting out. 

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Costs for Starting a Counseling Website

Costs for Starting a Counseling Website

You want to get a website for your private practice but what is this really going to cost? Doing research online you can find sites ranging from free, to a lifetime membership fee to several thousands of dollars for a custom designed site (sometimes more than $10,000) That is a huge range, so let's break down what you need to know.

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Websites for Therapists: What You Need To Know to Make the Right Choices

Websites for Therapists: What You Need To Know to Make the Right Choices

The truth is, unless you are already established as a therapist in private practice, are getting the right referrals, and are getting ready to retire- you probably need a website. Today, I'm going to share some definitions and terms to help orient you to the beautiful vocabulary of the internet, websites, and marketing! 


A website is simply a page that you access through the Internet that allows anyone, anywhere to be able to read the same material, in the same format. 

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A YUMMY new therapist website!

A YUMMY new therapist website!

Miranda here and I have to say I meet some of the most ah-mazing therapists across the country, and right here in California. Today I am going to be highlighting a website that I custom designed for a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist down in Pasadena, CA. She was actually a referral from another fabulous CSAT in Glendora, CA (Small World!)

My favorite part is that they are both amazing, passionate therapists who have a clear vision for their practices. Ninoska Montero went through our free Website 101 e-course and determined that for her- Do-It-Yourself was not the option. She had a beautiful vision in mind and really wanted support, encouragement, and technical know-how to bring that vision to life! 

And boy did we! 

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Therapists & Social Media: Fear, Connection, and Rejection

Therapists & Social Media: Fear, Connection, and Rejection

Kelly Higdon, LMFT and I (Miranda Palmer, LMFT) just got back from meeting with an awesome group of therapists at the CAMFT 2013 conference. Actually, it has been a little over a week since we returned. 

And guess what, I am still inspired! This is one of the great benefits of networking- making real personal connection and creating a community. 
Kelly and I tried something a little different this year. We have been making some awesome connections with therapists on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter- and the CAMFT Community boards- and we wanted to find a way to translate that into the personal connection. 
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How do you become a successful therapist?

What is Success?

Do you think just starting a website is going to make you a successful therapist or business person?

Well just building a website won't make you successful... but it might... 

We love helping therapists build websites. You can probably find someone cheap to "build a website" for you, but we provide something different. Our goal isn't to help you build a website- our goal is to help you build a profitable, successful helping business. 

What does a successful helping business mean exactly? 

  • it turns a profit that allows you to live your life

  • it creates joy and balance in your life

  • it makes change in the world

  • it is something you love to go to

  • it provides for your retirement

But just "making a website" won't create  a successful business!

Why? Because a website is an extension or entry point to your business. And, if you haven't created or defined a business model that works- no amount of websites, marketing, or networking is going to help

We include business coaching in every website we touch. Why? Because otherwise- what is the point?

None of our clients went to business school, our licensing exams don't really talk about the logistics of how to keep the doors open. 

And ultimately, we want your website to be successful, so your business can make sense! 

The website design process is really difficult for therapists because it brings to the forefront issues such as: 

  • what am I really great at?

  • how do I talk about what I do?

  • what is my business plan?

  • defining clients in turns of financial revenue (yikes!)

  • what exactly is my business goal?

  • what is my operating and marketing budget?

  • how do I plan get return on my investment?

Yes, I said "return on my investment!" Spending even $50 on a website that doesn't bring you a client is a waste of time, money, and energy. 

Spending $50,000 on a website (FYI: that is usually too much unless you have some monster of an idea), that brings you $500,000 a year ongoing is a GREAT return on investment. 

Part of becoming a successful therapist is understanding the business end of therapy. Why? Because it serves a purpose- it allows you to make a great living doing something you love! 

Will you be joining us for our upcoming webinar where we will be talking more about how to be successful and avoid burnout? Let us know below- and be sure to save your spot! 

The simplest solution... or KISS (Keep it Short and Simple)

So we work with a variety of business owners, even though we specialize in working with therapists in private practice. I recently got to consult with a great group of techie people at a technology company. And I got to give them a little schooling in technology! How fun is that? 
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Wordpress sites Urgent!

90,000 wordpress sites affected by a huge hacker attack. If you have a Wordpress site- be sure to change your passwords immediately. Here is the whole lowdown: WordPress Sites Getting Hacked April 2013 and How to Protect Yourself

This is why having a secure host for your wordpress is very important- and why we arent a big fan of wordpress in the first place. Squarespace takes care of all the security for our sites!

I just HAVE to have WordPress!

Do you just have to have WordPress? Google is reporting 12-14 million searches per day are pulling up hacked or compromised sites! With 1 million wordpress sites hacked in 2011, and no stats available for 2012 or 2013, we know that Wordpress sites are at risk. 

However, there are a few new webhosts out there who are really putting security at the top of the list. Hosts like www.wpengine.com or www.zippykid.com offer outstanding protection. WPEngine even says they will fix your site for free if it is hacked! (It can cost quite a lot to get that "free" wordpress site fixed). 

If you are tech savvy in other areas and want to get your hands dirty- wordpress could be the option for you. We have been watching Clinton Power for awhile (he is an awesome business coach for therapists and a techy geeky guy himself. He developed a step-by-step program for therapists to set-up their wordpress site and get some great content up. Here is a video tutorial program that will help you get started on WordPress the right way.

And yes, before you ask- of course we are going to get a kick-back from him (we wouldn't be modeling good business practices if we didn't sign up for his affiliate program). However, if you have EVER met either of us- you know we are picky about who we associate with and what we promote. We have high standards and we don't recommend anything that we wouldn't use ourselves... Except maybe this because we hate wordpress lol! (Oh- and no I didn't have time to look up the referral/affiliate program for the wordpress hosts above- bad Miranda!) 

Ready to build your website, but not into the idea of themes, plugins, and hacking oh my! Check out our Website in 30 days program- keeps you on track to have your website ready to go LIVE in just 30 days (or less)! 

What do you think about Wordpress? Do you love it? Post below! Convince us of how fabulous it is!