What is the Absolute FASTEST Way To Fill Your Practice?

What is the Absolute FASTEST Way To Fill Your Practice?

Starting a small business can be difficult. In fact, 50% of small businesses fail (close) within the first 5 years. That is not to say that "staying open" is a litmus of success. I have worked with many therapists who have been open past the 5 year mark whose practice is operating well below the poverty level.

To be successful in private practice, you need a steady stream of clients. You can have the most beautiful office, an amazing website, a great location, and fabulous skills to help people- but if nobody is calling... you do not have a viable business. 

We received this question and I think it beautifully sums out the question on a LOT of therapist's minds when they start a private practice: "What marketing strategies seem to have the very fastest results? Put another way, what would be your top three recommendations for a private practice, solo practitioner business to be able to find let's say 5 new clients a week for a month so that at the end of the month you would be pretty much full up? if that seems like too many too fast, then you could scale your answer down to just a couple of new clients weekly, but reliably! I really appreciate you considering answering but on the surface it seems like a pretty ridiculous question!"

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Guest podcast with Dr. Jeremy: Integrating testing in your Private Practice

Guest podcast with Dr. Jeremy: Integrating testing in your Private Practice

I need you to meet Dr. Jeremy. Why? Because ever since I met him, I have realized how badly we need his kind of work in community. More and more psychologists are avoiding integrating testing in their practices because they don't know how to make it profitable, or if they do, they only know how to do it in a way that stresses them out. Even if you aren't a psychologist, this is a great conversation and if you have psychologists on your staff, then you want to give this a listen as well.

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Is your Money Story Impacting Your Private Practice?

Is your Money Story Impacting Your Private Practice?

As therapists, we LOVE to tend to love to see the big picture and help people find the path to ease in making deep changes in their life. Often, that shift happens when people become aware of what is driving them to repeat old patterns that don't serve their current life, circumstances, and goals. 

And yet, when you talk to therapists about private practice finances or the financial success of a business, it often gets boiled down to- am I attracting enough clients? As a business owner, you can have a full private practice, and still not make a profit!

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My Journey From Therapist to Consultant

My Journey From Therapist to Consultant

The truth is, I will always be a therapist. I never set out to be a consultant. It is interesting sometimes the journey that life takes. Sometimes, there is a higher purpose and path to each of our lives, something bigger guiding us. 

My Path To Being a Consultant

My journey to becoming a consultant started by failing a licensing exam by 1 point. It was heart wrenching and mortifying. I couldn't have imagined how many amazing things could've come out of that experience

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Passwords for Therapists: Security for You and Your Clients



Therapists are keepers of our clients secrets, and private information. Security and privacy and incredibly important to us. In fact, many therapists have avoided computers and electronic health records all together because of a desire to keep their client's information safe.

Today we are going to show you a way to keep your information safe online. It is a simple change you can make today to make the online world safer for your clients. Why? Because the truth is, I can probably get into your metal filing cabinet with a hammer and about 4 minutes. Just because something feels safe, doesn't make it safe! Watch the following video and learn a small change you can make today!

What did you learn today? Will you make a change in your passwords? If so, we want to see you say "Yes!" in the comments section below. Let's show the world and our clients that we will make the simple change of developing some wonderful, strong passwords to keep safe online!

Miranda Palmer

I have successfully built a cash pay psychotherapy practice from scratch on a shoestring budget. I have also failed a licensed exam by 1 point (only to have the licensing board send me a later months later saying I passed), started an online study group to ease my own isolation and have now reached thousands of therapists across the country, helped other therapists market their psychotherapy practices, and helped awesome business owners move from close to closing their doors, to being profitable in less than 6 weeks. I've failed at launching online programs. I've had wild success at launching online programs. I've made mistakes in private practice I've taught others how to avoid my mistakes. You can do this. You were called to this work. Now- go do it! Find some help or inspiration as you need it- but do the work!

Publishing a book as a therapist

A hybrid training and live interview with an established publisher.

A hybrid training and live interview with an established publisher.

You are a therapist, and you have a great book idea.

Now what? 

We talk to therapists regularly who want to write a book. There are a lot of reasons you may consider becoming a published author: 

  • Establishing yourself as an expert

  • Developing yourself as a speaker

  • A deep desire to make big change in the world

  • A way to fill up your private practice

  • An additional stream of income

Whatever the reason you are considering writing a book, there are a lot of options you have for writing, publishing, and marketing your book. We've talked a bit about self-publishing with our free training on how one therapist successfully launched an e-book. However, traditional publishing has some major advantages as well. What publishing route you choose should be based on your goals, preferences, and big vision.

How to find a publisher for your book

Today we have something really fun for you. A quick hybrid training where we are going to give you some specific questions to ask a prospective publisher to determine if they are the right spot for your fabulous book idea. We call it a hybrid- because we have YouthLight publishing with us- and we test out the questions we recommend you ask- so you get to see us interview a real, live publisher who loves to publish therapists.

Spoiler alert: They not only love to set their authors up with workshops all over the country (and sometimes around the world) but they also have a distribution list of 4 BILLION people! To be honest- I was shocked as you probably are right now! I had no idea just how big these guys were until I started interviewing them. 

Wasn't Kelly a sweetheart for sitting down with us? We were so lucky to be seated right next to her doing the conference. I saw she was selling books, but didn't go much deeper into her business initially. (Instead we shared pictures of our kids, went to lunch together, and laughed a ton). However, as we spent time together over the week- more came out about her business, and I realized I was about to miss a golden opportunity! 

Side note about networking at conferences: 

As exhibitors at the American Play Therapy's Annual Conference, it was interesting to see people looking terrified to stop, look, and have a chat. I get it. I don't want to be "sold" to any more than the next person. However, if you stop and get to know people- you might be pleasantly surprised at what you will find out- and how awesome things can happen! (FYI: We weren't there to sell anybody anything). 

In fact, several people reluctantly stopped at our booth (for the yummy snacks or because I said hello), and they quickly said- I'm not in private practice. I'd find out a bit more about them, and many of them were in the licensure process- so I'd hook them up with the pre-licensed blog and the free online study group for licensing exams and they got to walk away with cool, free resources! 

I can't speak to everyone at these conferences- but I can tell you Kelly and I are there to be helpful, meet awesome people, and have a great time! 

Ok- back to the exciting stuff! You can submit your book proposal to YouthLight Publishing today. Can't wait to see some of our fabulous community members get published! Post your vision, ideas, or questions below! 

Private Practice: Out of the box with intensive retreats

Out of the box therapy intensives

Out of the box therapy intensives

I LOVE meeting therapists who are thinking out of the box about the ways we can help heal our world. And no, I don't mean out of the box unethical, dangerous! I mean, well-trained, caring clinicians who are committed to providing excellent outcomes for clients. At the EMDRIA conference this week I met Dr. Ricky Greenwald in person. I have seen his name online via the EMDR listserve for several years, so it was fun to put a face to a name! And, fun to introduce myself because he had NO idea who the heck I was! 

Of course, I still convinced him to do a video interview with me! Be inspired by his story of launching intensive therapy retreats focused on great outcomes for clients. Watch below, and then post your questions, or your out of the box ideas for providing excellence in clinical services! 


How cool is this? A little brain storming about what to do with an empty apartment leads to a breakthrough about how to provide services to clients in need. You can learn more about Dr. Greenwald over at www.therapyretreat.org His organization provides advanced trauma training, his intensive therapy retreats, and is in the midst of publishing some awesome research! 

Are you inspired? Is your brain working? We hope so! Share your out of the box ideas in the comments below or post your questions! 

p.s. If you are thinking about doing something out of the box, we have an advanced training upcoming about the logistics of marketing something beyond the couch.

Are you losing sleep over your practice?

I love my job. I love that I can support my family helping awesome passionate professionals help and heal their communities.

Do you give yourself permission to do what you love? I was listening to an interview of OneRepublic about the song "Counting Stars" and was completely shocked about what inspired it. Note sure what I am talking about? Here is the song to listen to: 

He had been losing sleep about whether he could really support his family doing what he loved. He talks about "I feel something so right doing the wrong thing." For him, his passion was starting to feel like the wrong thing.

When you open your own private practice or business doing something you are passionate and it doesn't support the life you want or need to live it feels terrible. Many therapists, psychologists, trainers, and other healing professionals feel actual GUILT for doing what they are passionate about or SHAME for wanting to make money doing it.

That is crazy making.

A master's degrees for psychology on the top 5 list for worst paid degrees. Psychologists make more on average- but not by much.  All of these people investing in a great education. They should be experts in mindset issues. But even they struggle with money issues.

We talk about mindset a lot on this blog. Why? Because you will never dig in to the nuts and bolts of your business if you continue to feel ashamed of your desire to make money. Or, if you feel guilty for the level of success you have or have not achieved to date.

We recently started a new round of our intensive business accelerator program. Within a week- one of our clients had made $3,000 from being in the group. Is that because she did lots of technical things in Week 1? No. It is because she worked on her mindset, stepped out of her comfort zone, and allowed herself to step into her true vision for her business.

In the mental health and healing world- there is an insane standard that "you can't make money." Or that your spouse should support your passion.

That is insane.

I was reading up on a survey of therapists in California done back in 2010. Women accounted for over 70% of therapists and the average income was less than $55,000. The average income for men was $10,000 more than women. Male therapists on average are making 20% more than women.


Having talked to female professionals across the United States- I can't help but wonder if this is due to blocking beliefs women have about money.

When I do consultations with business owners and we always start by identifying the end goal so we both understand the desired result. When I ask about how implementing their plan will feel I hear so often that the feely will "relief."

Relief from the daily anxiety that comes from questions like: "Can I make it in private practice?" "Do I have to keep working 50 hours a week in 2 jobs to make it as a therapist?" "Was getting my license really worth it? Did I make a good decision going to graduate school?" "Should have I have opened my own place?" 

There is nothing like the joy that comes from moving out of a paycheck to paycheck mentality. When One Republic talks about counting stars- he says he was referring to not have to count pennies. He was dreaming of a time when he could stay up to count stars instead of losing sleep about whether his passion for music would ever really take care of his family.

Are you losing sleep? Stressing out about your business?

It is time to stop stressing, get a clear vision, and implement.

Do you have a big vision for your business? We want to hear about it. Send us a note at help@zynnyme.com we may even feature a few in our blog

With much joy, Miranda (ad Kelly)

p.s. We have our FREE business planning workshop one last time on January 31st. Feel free tjump over and grab a spot. 

Super Secret p.p.s.

We are going to have "office hours" this Tuesday from 8-5 where Kelly Higdon, MFT will be available to help you develop a plan for your business. We are trying to figure out the best way to help as many people as possible. So, if you want some extra support this Tuesday, e-mail kelly@zynnyme.com with your name, your mobile number, your availability on Tuesday, where your business is at today, where you want it to be, and how committed you are to make your business successful. (We want to make sure that we talk to people who make opening up office hours make sense. 

Weekly Tip: How to have a great day- every day...

Today was a great day for me (and for Kelly)... We rolled out a new webinar, one that we put our blood, sweat, and tears into- and people really responded. Within 9 minutes of the start of the webinar, comments like this starting flowing in: 

"I feel inspired and focused."

"opens my creativity and makes me want to jump into my business more..."

"feel energized and excited about day" 

How did we get a group of business owners to make that kind of progress in 9 minutes? Well, because we know our stuff seems like the "right" answer for a business coach. But truthfully, it is because we provided a safe space for these amazing people to tap into what they truly want in life. 

Also, today we allowed ourselves and the awesome people who attended time to slow waaay down! We need that. We need to stop sometimes and be purposeful. Have you allowed yourself still time to explore your business in a positive way- today? This week? This month? This year? 

It is important to slow down and listen to that still, small voice. But, the time will NEVER create itself. you have to put some time on the calendar- and keep it sacred! So you challenge today: put some time on the calendar to sit down, explore, and be still. Get a cup of tea, light a candle, or play some music, and just explore what  you love! 

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year! 

Therapist vs Blog 2013 Why Don't People (Google, Employers, Colleagues) SEE me?


This is actually a really common question that I get asked from therapists, counselors, and psychologists in about a million different ways.

The way it gets asked might be centered around finding a job, getting a book published, or getting clients calling- but it always comes back to the same theme (and we as therapists and healers know about themes): Why doesn't anybody notice me?

Why? Because you aren't showing yourself!

Yep, I said it... It might just be your own fault!

Therapist after therapist sit inside of their office doing amazing work, sharing expertise, working long hours, reading, studying, and training... They are SO good at that!

But, when it comes to sharing their expertise in the world, they have a very narrow idea of how to do that. What are the ways therapists are "allowed" to share their expertise:

- A training requested by a group or other professionals. - An article requested by a professional group or community group. - Answering questions asked one on one.

But, how do people know you do trainings or know your expertise and style if they haven't met you? How does someone know if you are good writer if they haven't read anything you have written, and how do people know what questions you might be able to answer if they don't know a thing about you?

If you want people to SEE you, you need to SHOW yourself. I know it is scary, and intimidating, and so on. But, it is important, and powerful. Yes, I said powerful. People really want to SEE you, your expertise. You can still keep professional boundaries- while sharing where your passions lie and the kind of problems you help with. You can also do it without being icky, pushy, and salesy!

A blog is a technical tool that helps you be seen by Google, by Employers, by Colleagues, by Referral Sources, etc. Do you want to be seen? Do you want the phone to be ring? Then, understanding the pros and cons of blogging and how to do it effectively is incredibly powerful for you! 

Until next time-

App Reviews: Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Since ZynnyMe happens to be run by two therapists AND we happen to specialize in working with clients who are on the "nervous" side with technology- we thought it best to start with some great apps that can help you, your family, or your clients manage their anxiety and stress better! 

Our favorite stress reduction apps availabe on both Iphone and Android- and all FREE! 

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Why Can't Someone Just Build My Site For Me?

Well the answer is someone can design and build your website for you, but they can't actually make you a website. I know that sounds bizarre. If you were going to write a book, where would you start? Would you start by contracting a graphic designer to develop cover art for your book? Would you talk to your child and ask them to develop an outline for your book and provide that back for you? Probably not!
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