Do People Just Like to Debate? WordPress Video

You might have seen some blogs on here talking about the pros and cons of WordPress. I admit I use some strong words to describe my feelings about Wordpress in My Dirty Little Wordpress Secret. One of the things that it has brought to the surface is how much small business owners like to debate.

I have been having some fabulous, friendly ribbing with Uriah Guilford at about his love and heart recommendation of Wordpress and he has teased me about my love of Squarespace. It is feeling like the good ol' Mac vs PC debate!

I have always thought the Mac vs. PC debate is funny because as staunch as people are on one side or the other, the truth isn't versus- it is an "or." I like to turn the question from Mac vs PC to the real question: What product works best for you, Mac or PC?

The same question comes up when exploring where to build your website. This doesn't have to be a WordPress vs. Squarespace debate, because they each have their unique benefits and drawbacks. I think WordPress is fabulous if: You have a clear understanding of how it works, it resonates with you, if you are comfortable with technology, if you would rather take more time than spend a bit of money, and if you need a website with some pretty specialized bells and whistles.

When I talk to small business owners who have been referred to WordPress and start to ask questions- it is clear that many of them have been recommended to the platform without anyone assessing whether it is the right platform for the PERSON they are referring to it!

I LOVE my toilet paper to hang over the top. I hate searching for the end- drives me crazy. My good friend and neighbor (also named Miranda by the way) likes hers underneath. Why? She has cats! If the toilet paper is easily accessible it will end up on the floor!

Please, for all that is right about building a business and living a life you love do not let me or anyone else convince you that something is RIGHT for you without them knowing at least a little something about you!

Here is a quick tour of WordPress to get you started. There are four parts to the WordPress overview.

If you need help with WordPress give us a call. I might not choose WordPress for me- but I am more than happy to help you optimize it for YOU!