5 Awesome Social Media Resources for Therapists

5 Awesome Social Media Resources for Therapists

We had over 300,000 people see our information on Pinterest alone. Can you imagine how that kind of exposure could impact your counseling practice? 

The truth is, you aren't advertising your counseling practice, you are just making it easy for people who desperately need you - to find you! Have you ever run into the store for 3 quick items only to get lost in a maze of poorly marked aisles or items tucked away on end caps? It is frustrating to know exactly what you want, and what you need- and not be able to find it! 

This week as our Spring 2015 bootcampers are completing their JumpStart program, several of them are already scheduling clients from a few simple exercises on LinkedIn- without paying a dime for ads, or doing anything crazy. Social media is a powerful way that you can make it easy for clients to find you! Here are 5 resources on social media to get your social media plan on track! 

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Time Management Challenge

My husband has this awesome goal in life - to work less and enjoy more. I think it is brilliant. However, the more I strive to work less, the more worried I get about not doing enough (that's my own head trash I am working on) and out of that fear, I create more work than is necessary.

Necessary. How do you know if what you are doing is necessary? In your business, the tasks that are necessary are the ones that give you the greatest return on your investment of time. For ZynnyMe, our webinars are a huge pay off. We give great value and information, build our list, sell entries to our bootcamp and create amazing relationships within our community. On the other hand, email doesn't give me a huge return on my investment. It is one of those things I need to do, but doesn't necessarily equate to huge returns. Yet - I spend a ton of time in my inbox when I need to be creating the things that give us the biggest return.

I have an "idea" of how I spend my time, but I haven't really taken a hard honest look. Who has time for that? Snicker, snicker. Do you have any clue as to where your time goes? You might have an idea but your brain tends to forget that hour long detour on facebook and the giving into other distractions. 

I am constantly striving to improve, to be efficient and effective.  I want to maximize my time - to not only increase the bottom line of my business, but to increase the bottom line of happiness in my life. So over the next few weeks, I am going to implement time tracking. Here is what I am going to do:

  • I am going to sign up for the 14 day free trial with RescueTime and add it to my browser. It will track my online behaviors and with the free trial I can also track my offline work as well.

  • I am going to look at my report every day and be held accountable with a partner, explaining why I spent my time the way I did.

  • I am taking the facebook app off of my homepage on my phone. If I find myself still going there often, I will take it off my phone completely.

  • I am going to practice time blocking. Setting a timer, focusing on one task and limiting how much time I spend. This is meant to incentivize my focus and help me prioritize. When you have a limited amount of time, you start making your choices differently.

  • I am going to play around with different schedules for my work day to see what is best for me.

And through this challenge I have some goals in mind: 

  • Reduce amount of time on email to 2 times per day.

  • Reduce social media usage to 2 times per day. There is an exception to this when bootcamp has started, but that won't be for another month.

  • Increase personal development time - CEU's, online courses, book reading, etc.

  • Increase time for health and wellness.

  • Feel more balanced with my time.

  • Walk away with a clear sense of where my time is going and feel good about it.

With simply tracking my time and evaluating the return on my time investments, I can determine which activities are wasteful and which are essential to my business and livelihood. Tracking will impact my behavior because I do better when I am accountable and intentional. Want to join me? Want to really see how you spend your time running your business? 

I'll be updating you on the facebook page and I welcome you to share what you are doing differently too! 

Facebook Tips for Marketing a Therapy Practice

I wanted to give you some quick tips on how to use facebook as a private practice owner. 

  • When you create a business facebook page, fix your privacy settings so you can post from your personal page, but it looks like your business. It keeps your personal account private and makes your business page easy to access from your personal account.

  • If there are other therapists or referral resources you want to network with, contact them through your business page by posting on the wall of their business page or by sending them a private message on their page.

  • When networking with others on facebook - get to know the person. Sending a message "Hey I liked your page, please like mine" doesn't mean much. In fact it feels as though all you care about is how many likes you have. We always want you to pursue quality over quantity when it comes to likes.

  • Evaluate your goals for facebook. Facebook is a great place to build relationships, tell your story, share information and provide support to others.

  • Facebook is great when you have a sales funnel. For example - your facebook ad or post links to a free offer on your site and that free offer connects to a consult. Facebook might be the first place you get introduced to your next client or referral resource.

  • Paid traffic is easier than free. It's true that facebook would rather you pay them to get your posts noticed. Only pay for posts that are part of your sales funnel.

  • If you want to do paid traffic and have a funnel, start off slow and test your targeting before you dump a lot of money into it.

  • Look at your timeline for your business page - is it visually appealing? Use things like canva.com or integrate your instagram account to add visuals to your timeline. People are more attracted to and process images more easily than text.

  • Share relevant content and support your colleagues. We are all in this together and if someone else has something that is great for your audience - share!

  • Follow the 80/20 rule - 20 percent should be straight clear call to actions, the other 80 percent should be you connecting to your clients pain and offering value and support.