Entrepreneurship and Relationships - How to Stay Connected While Building a Private Practice

I reached out to Jenev because I was desperate to have you hear her message. More often than not, while we love building our practices, it can deter from our relationships and if we aren't fostering intimacy and connection, our relationship can take a back seat. I have seen it too often with therapists. We are not immune.

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1 Lesson From The ER


Warning: Don’t read if you want to believe that we are perfect. I am about to fall of the pedestal and don’t want to ruin your day. But at the end - there is something special just for you!

I was sitting in the ER a month ago. A stomach virus thought to be appendicitis had me reeling in pain, waiting for a CT scan. I have been having medical stuff going on for months now. And you know what? This was not the best time for this to be happening. I had clients to see and a big conference to attend.

Dear Universe - I don’t have time for this.

That was my mantra. Ok, not the best mantra for a person that believes in affirmation and being present. But I am human and it is what it is. In the ER my phone was dead and I had nothing to do but sit there and wait and rest and think. I realized, my body was saying to stop. Stop working, stop worrying, stop all of it. I admit I hadn’t been listening to myself lately and thus got a nice reminder to pay attention.

Dear Universe - I am listening.

Clearly, if I am freaking out about work because I am sick - there is an issue. We all should be able to get sick or go on vacation without fear. But even I get caught up in the doing from time to time. This is what happens to a lot of people I speak with. They spin their wheels doing stuff and never knowing what works or what doesn’t because they are freaked out. I spoke with my friend yesterday who had been panicked about her billing only to realize she had already done it. We had a good laugh about it. Maybe you can relate though.

Dear Universe - Thank you.

I learned about what I needed and what my business needed. I needed peace. I needed some time for rest. I needed to get back to doing what I love and remembering why I do it. My business needed me to be more focused and organized. I learned to let go of some of the stuff that wasn’t important. I also learned a new mantra - I have time for me, my family and my work. So I have been changing up my schedule a bit. Miranda and I are dividing tasks a little differently. My sleep habits are better, my work habits are more focused and I have more time for me. Who knew a virus could be a blessing?!

What will it take for you? I am giving you a chance to take a moment and just look at your business, your relationships - whatever you got going on in your life. Be honest with yourself. Do you like what you see? From your mindset to your work habits to your business process - it all matters and it all impacts the other.