Dropping Insurance after Years - Interview with Kayce

Dropping Insurance after Years - Interview with Kayce

As part of our success stories blitz, we are sharing the story of Kayce. When we met her she had been in practice for several years and in her words, she was “winging it.”

Several years of taking insurance panels, taking whatever fee anyone was able to pay her and seeing anyone who gave her a call.

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Therapy ReImagined

Therapy ReImagined

Do you ever feel like you just want to get out of the box that you are in? We've all been brought up with certain norms in our industry. Some of these have been great and some of these have limited access and care of our communities. Today's podcast is all about innovating and being on the precipice of change in our industry. Listen in as Katie and Curt share what motivates them to push for change through discourse amongst people who are on the cutting edge in our field.

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Therapists: Be a Visionary

Therapists: Be a Visionary

You are a visionary. How do I know? Because you are a therapist. When I told people what I did for a living, I would often get responses like "I could never sit and listen to people's problems all day!" The truth is, we know that good therapy isn't about just listening to people's problems- it is about sitting in truth with another human and holding the vision of what can be. 

You have a vision for every client who walks through your door. No- this doesn't mean you are trying to fit your client into your box of how they should be. But, you know what it looks like when someone is unfettered, when they make that shift to owning their life, being intentional, and enjoying it. When you see them shift from being a victim of experiences, circumstances, or limitations to an empowered person who is going to live their life in the best way they know how. 

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An Amazing Therapist

I am honored to know Keri Nola. She is a gal that I met in BSchool who I hit it off with, right away. I simply love her. I haven't coached her. I don't get paid by her. So why interview her for you guys? Inspiration. Plain and simple. She is an example of a thriving therapist and entrepreneur. And as we say, if you want to be great, surround yourself with greatness. We had fun talking about the journey into private practice, ways to connect with clients, fears and getting creative with building a business. Keri has a private practice and an awesome new way of helping people in her

Go Deeper Get Lighter

program. Feel free to check it out or email her directly at info@godeepergetlighter.com . PS. I have to ask...did you like having a video? Do you want more of these? Send me an email and let me know what you would like to see in our blogs. kelly@zynnyme.com

I am a liar and a fraud

We have another webinar tomorrow. This is about the 4th time I think? And no matter how long I do this, I still feel like a liar and a fraud. Do I want to be this vulnerable?? Why not ;) I became a psych major after failing a biology class. Never failed before. So I picked a major that fit with what every told me..."You are so easy to talk to." Yeah, that is a great foundation for a career…phhbbbt

Then I went to seminary. Never really good at towing the line in modern Christian circles. I was always on the fringes and after switching seminaries for that reason, I just felt like I never fit. Here I was thinking I would become a pastoral counselor in a field where women aren’t totally embraced for that sort of thing. Down the road I gave up on working in a faith community, for now at least. 

I generally don't take a lot of risk because I want to avoid my idea of "failure." And here I sit asking therapists to take risks all the time. I took the first job I found before I even graduated out of fear of not finding anything else. I took it because the pay was good…not because it was my passion. I didn’t even consider doing something I loved and finding a way to make money doing it. I then moved to the county and climbed the ladder. But even in the county, I didn’t quite fit. I had a mouth and spoke up too much, letting things irk me all the time.

Let’s face it, I could have stayed and built my lovely pension, but I knew that it wasn’t for me. In fact, I was ready to give up all together. I didn’t feel effective or creative in my work. I was ready to go back to school and try the medical school route again. But I had given so many years already, I decided private practice would be my last ditch effort. 

And while I loved it, I had to have a coach tell me what to do. To be honest, my biggest demon is I don’t believe I am intelligent. You could tell me otherwise, but I have an arsenal of evidence to shoot back at you. So if you asked me about why my private practice was successful…it didn’t have anything to do with me. And now, I help other therapists get their shit together and build successful practices. Yes, my practice is good - not perfect.  I don't pay much attention to the marketing of it anymore, partly because my passion is split between practice and coaching. But still - I teach therapists how to market their practices!

Oh and do I need to mention how I don’t always implement what I preach. Yeah, I don’t. And my coaches tell me to do things, but my fear and belief that I am dumb gets in the way of implementing. I tell people what they should do and I myself struggle. I fear it could all fall apart, even though there is no evidence of that. 

I worry about my coaching clients. I worry they will give up. I worry that this field will die. A field that has given me freedom from my own anxiety and continues to help me slay the demons of fear and low self worth. Sometimes I don’t feel special or unique so, who am I to tell you about your uniqueness and value? Especially when sometimes I just wish I had a trust fund because I would rather play with my daughter then go and work my ass off convincing someone of their value. 

So yeah, I feel like a liar and a fraud sometimes. BUT I push through. I got out of my way. I invested in myself and I have seen my growth soar. I am taking risks now - even though it hard. I know I do have something to offer, even if my lizard brain says otherwise. I have a thriving practice, I have coaching clients that are killing it, I have a group of professionals that I call friends and best of all little by little I am changing the world. I rise above my fear and claim what I want in life. And I know that I don’t have to wait for perfection to move forward. Perfection is the moving forward.

Comparing Website Options for Real People

We wanted to have an easier way for healers and small business owners to compare some of the options available for building a website. Many people don't know the pros and cons to each option. While we are somewhat impartial in this area- we think it is based on some real issues and facts that most people won't tell you. Here is a fun little graphic that does some side by side comparisons. What do you think? It is accurate? Are we missing anything? Is it helpful?


Want to see it bigger? Right click and select "Open image in new tab." Also, a friendly reminder for those of you considering the Website in 30 days program or Squarespace (what we build on) as an option. The monthly hosting costs could be reduced by 30% if you order by Thursday. We have a special coupon code for Squarespace- just go to our Zynny Loves page for the details! 

Are You Stuck in Your Private Practice Website?

ZynnyMe has been BUSY! We have been out spreading the word to therapists in private practice and small business owners that they CAN have a website that they love, understand, and can update. That they do NOT have to be a techie to do it, and that websites can transform your business! However, one common theme we keep hearing is a version of "I'm stuck- but I'm not moving." We hear statements like:
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Should Therapist Facebook Business Pages Allow CheckIns?

So, you are a therapist who is comfortable with technology, or one that someone convinced to get a Facebook business page. What about Facebook Places? You might be asking yourself questions like? What is Facebook Places? Can I turn off people's ability to check-in with me?
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Top 10 Reasons Therapists Should Build Their Own Website

I can't count the amount of therapist who know they need a website, and want to find someone do it for them... for about $300... Do you really know someone who can write a book you would want to put your name to? Check out our article about why getting a website is like writing a book. I thought I would put my thoughts into a fun Top 10:
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