The Power of Proximity - Therapists in Community

The Power of Proximity - Therapists in Community

Joe Sanok from Practice of the Practice joins the podcast today to share about the power of community as you build your private practice. Check out his upcoming Killin’ It Camp here.

In this podcast we discuss:

  1. How the landscape of private practice community has changed

  2. How community can eliminate the hierarchy of learning and be more collaborative

  3. The importance of in person learning and relationship building

  4. What is needed for success in a community

  5. Why being in person is so valuable

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The Confident Private Practice Part #1: Who Are You?

The Confident Private Practice Part #1: Who Are You?

So… last week we talked about why confidence in private practice is so important. This week we are going to start the process of breaking down HOW to get confident in private practice. And our first step is digging into “Who Are You?” 

Why We Start with Who You Are

In therapy, we start with an assessment. We ask a LOT of questions. Some of those questions are to identify the problem, but many of the questions are actually about building rapport, connection, and identifying the strengths that our client already has developed. Here is where it gets really juicy… how many times has a client been aware of some of their MAJOR strengths? How many times has a client been unaware of what they really needed or desired? Sometimes, just the assessment and reflection process can be life-changing for clients. 

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Out of the Box Practice - An Interview with Rachel of Sage Parenting

Out of the Box Practice - An Interview with Rachel of Sage Parenting

When I met Rachel and heard her story, I just had to share it with you. Here is a person who has created a life and business that fits for her While her path has been one that is not traditional, I love how she talks about how it has actually opened up more opportunity and expanded her work. 

So if you are wanting to learn from someone who is building a practice that is doesn't fit the mold of brick and mortar, butt in chair, this is a must listen! 

Check out Rachel at Sage Parenting.

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Building a Counseling Practice: Real Life Stories with Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

Mercedes Samudio is on of those clinicians that has a clear niche and is clear about how she helps. She has a coaching practice as well as a psychotherapy practice and she does a great job of explaining the difference. She also shares a fascinating story about using twitter for her practice.  Check out Mercedes at The Parenting Skill.

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Tech Vocabulary Watcha Think?

Over here at ZynnyMe are goal is to empower small business owners to understand what tools are available to them and to use the best technology to save them time and money!

One of the major things we see is a lack of knowledge keeping good people married to bad technology! While we know you DO NOT want to become a techie, we also know you need to have a certain amount of awareness to keep from being a "sucker" when reading through or listening to sales pitches for new products and services.

We are trying to figure out the best way to help "break some things down" for y'all. We are thinking about starting a Technology Concept of the Week or maybe of the day.

What do you think? Would you find it helpful to understand what a "static html" site is and why you don't want one? Or to understand what a content management system is and why you do want one? Do you want to make sure you really understand what you are purchasing?

Second question, would you rather have this written or in a video form? We really hope you will post your comments below, or join us for the conversation on Facebook at Also, don't be shy- we have had some great conversations with people who have given us a call at (810) 68-ZYNNY. While we aren't able to give people technology coaching for free- we know sometimes you have a quick question or concern- feel free to call! Sometimes a personal connection makes all the difference. Or, drop us a line at

Until next time, this is Miranda at ZynnyMe saying "Allow yourself to know enough about technology to make sure you aren't doing it the hard way (or getting ripped off)."

A Word of Encouragement

Here is a short video by yours truly, Kelly Higdon sharing about how going paperless and integrating technology has made running a private practice easier, more profitable, and made my LIFE better. 

You can do this! If you have fears about technology - email us at

Should Therapist Facebook Business Pages Allow CheckIns?

So, you are a therapist who is comfortable with technology, or one that someone convinced to get a Facebook business page. What about Facebook Places? You might be asking yourself questions like? What is Facebook Places? Can I turn off people's ability to check-in with me?
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Top 10 Signs You May Need a Technology Coach

Thought we might have a little fun this morning with a David Letterman style Top 10 list... wait a minute- is he even on? Wow... I am a dinosaur... Guess y'all know that this gal doesn't stay up past 10 pm- or subscribe to cable!
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Going Paperless - It is possible

Paperless? What? I could never do that!... I have heard it all. However, I remember when I had to switch offices and that meant loading up my file cabinet. I thought, "I never want to move again if I have to lug all this stuff with me." Then came keeping up with the paper. It was a drag. Keeping copies of billing, forms, ect. And let me also remember how I had to do everything in my office because that was where the files were. There was that time I visited a colleague and their entire wall was lined with 5 drawer file cabinets. That is a lot of file cabinets to dust and secure to the wall in case of an earthquake. I could go into a little speech on how it saves trees, but I will spare you. Everyone thinks I am crunchy and granola as it is. 

Going paperless in our practices is so convenient not just for us but for our clients as well. They can call us, asking that we speak to their physician and Voila! They log online, sign a release, and I can call right then and there. It is less for me to track and I love it. We also love Argonaut Software. You can go paperless, but that means you have to do your own encryption (in other words, making the file extra secure) and have a back up hard drive that you take with you. Argonaut does this for you. I don't have to back up my files or do any encryption. 

Just imagine for a second what it would be like to not have charts, file cabinets, folders, sticky notes, and on and on. We'd think you'd feel more free to do what you love. We'd think that you wouldn't dread documenting your notes or keeping up with additional forms. We'd think, you would love it! If you aren't convinced, call us. We'd be happy to share more about how it can work. With a little bit of coaching, you can make the transition with ease. 

Zynnyme: To no longer need a bandaid for your papercuts.