Sneak Peek Into Business School Bootcamp for Therapists

Sneak Peek Into Business School Bootcamp for Therapists

Once a year we pull back the curtain on our flagship business training for therapists. We want you to really see what is involved in your LIFETIME membership when you sign up. Press play and find out why after this video we had a flurry of last minute applications to enroll in the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists. So -

Drum roll please......

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Sh*t Therapists Say To Avoid Getting Sh*t Done: Part 1

Sh*t Therapists Say To Avoid Getting Sh*t Done: Part 1

A silly title... but a true and real issue. Today we are going to let you into the mind of amazing therapists, who are self-aware enough to let you know the ways they convince themselves NOT to do the things that they know in their heart they need to do to live a happy life and run a happy practice! 

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How do you find therapist conferences?

How do you find therapist conferences?

I never knew how many therapist conferences there were until I started actively looking for them. To be honest, I had always assumed there were just a few conferences for therapists a year. I mean... we are therapists! Yes, there would always be lots of random trainings- but an entire conference? 

Hundreds of Therapist Conferences

There are literally hundreds of therapist conferences every year! Conferences can be a fabulous way to get away and get some excellent training... or they can be a huge waste of time and energy. You can be stuck sitting in entry level trainings that never get to the meat. Or, like me you could watch someone cry on command as part of their sales pitch process to the attendees- ick! 

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Feeling stuck? Here is one thing to pull you out of the quicksand...

Inertia happens. It's that moment where you feel like hiding under the covers or you spin your wheels by taking in information without action. "What's the next step to take?" you ask. And instead of trying something, you stay in this place of stuckness. I see it in people's personal lives and in their businesses. Heck, I have experienced it myself. 

So let's take a lesson from the therapy room and apply it to business. When people are stuck they don't see the options. That mindset problem can create havoc for you and your business. You might see a ton of options but don't think they apply to you. For example "That person blogs and looks really successful, but I can't do that, I am not a writer." Blogging is a marketing option for your business, but for whatever reason, you have determined it won't work.  Or, you might find there are so many options, you don't know how to choose. If that is you, you are probably wanting a guarantee that what you choose will work. So here are a few tips for upsetting that mindset:


  1. The magic wand is to keep working at it until you find what works for you. Not everything you try will work out. Initially it sucks but it is also glorious once you figure out your business flow.

  2. You don't know unless you try. I used to always defer to Miranda to write copy, saying "I can't do it." And yet, I am still trying, learning tips and tricks to improve my skill. Why? Because blogging is one way we provide value to people like you and that is super important to me. That is worth me getting a little uncomfortable and learning that I can write.

  3. Not one business is the same and yet they are. Hands down- every business needs people interested in them and people paying them money to do what they do. HOW you get people interested in your services and purchasing with you varies amongst each business. But again, see #2.

Ok, now that you have adjusted your mindset, let's look at the options for your business. Remember: We feel most empowered when we have choice. 

  • Where do you feel most stuck? Marketing? Managing finances? Client rentention? Write down your stuck place.

  • List how you have dealt with this stuck place before. Did you do research? spoke with colleagues? Hired a coach? Maybe you haven't really done anything with this stuff and that is ok too. Just make a list if it applies.

  • Why do you think what you have tried hasn't worked? Did you implement fully? Were you prepared for what it was going to take to make it work? Did you give up too soon? or was it simply not in line with your business model? This is the time to be honest because otherwise, you are just hurting you. What did you learn from your efforts?

  • Write down options for moving forward. If you don't see options, you may need to get outside help (You could also request a blog post from us). I know that when I feel most stuck, asking for help is what pulls me through it. You may think you have tried everything, but trust me, you haven't. It will take some creativity and flexibility though. For example, we encourage people to contact people they know and tell them about what is going on in their business. There are many options to do this - email, snail mail (I hate the post office, but some of you love it), phone (oh this is the best way to be memorable in my opinion), or social media references (shout out to those peeps on twitter). Even beyond the first contact, you want to stay in touch via eblasts, newsletters, your LinkedIn profile, ie.

  • Do one thing and delve in. If you have an accounting issue, don't go buy quickbooks and never open the box. If you dread the thought of doing it yourself, start getting some referrals for an accountant or bookkeeper. Take action. And know that it may not be perfect but it is all about learning. People hire coaches so they can avoid some missteps and get there faster. If that isn't you, no problem. Just know that you may have a little steeper learning curve. It is your choice! (see you have options) And once you delve in, keep trying and testing things. We may write about certain topics that are really popular and others just bomb - but we don't stop writing because of that! We learn about what generates the best response and work off of those strengths.

  • If you have fears address them. Most fears are based on assumption. What are you telling yourself about your value and your business. Write down those fears and then write down the evidence for them. Look at all potential outcomes and reframe. Sure you could send out a newsletter and you lose people on your list. Or you could lose people on your list and get a better quality list of people that really value what you have to say. Perspective does matter.

Options can pull you out of the mire and the muck and get you back on track with valuing action in your business. What do you do when you are stuck?

Building a Private Practice: Spaghetti Method, Shotgun Approach, or...


Kelly and I are in Seattle, Washington this week working in the same zip code to help therapist in private practice. We started talking about an issue we keep running into when we coach therapists. 

I want to build my business. 

I want to reach out to people and make a difference. 

I have a voice and something to say. 

So I'm going to offer individual therapy, couple's therapy, e-mail therapy, skype therapy, a membership site, a book, an e-mail newsletter, coaching, family therapy, consultation, supervision, and anything else I can think of... I want to offer as many services and options as I can dream up! 

On one hand it fantastic to be flexible with how we reach out to people and help them heal! However, again, and again, we find at the core of this strategy is fear. 

Fear that people won't value what you offer, won't value your expertise. So instead of offering them hope, healing, and expertise- you give them lots of options. Because if I give them LOTS of options- one of them is bound to be the right one- right? 

I used to watch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey. I know, I know... but my hubby and I really enjoyed watching... and I kept seeing this SAME EXACT STRATEGY! 

Let's have a menu a mile long, overwhelm our kitchen, and not really have anything that really tastes good! Ultimately the person in the kitchen felt uninspired, overworked, and frustrated. And it showed in their food... and in their lack of customers... 

When they focused, found their passion again, made their menu focused on one specific idea- give their diners a superb meal- things fell into place. 

What about you? Are you taking the spaghetti method approach- throw a bunch of stuff out there and see what sticks? Or the shotgun method hoping some buckshot will randomly graze somebody? 

Or, are you ready to be focused, passionate, and excellect at what you do? Share your passion with us today!