Oh you have a Master's Degree? Oh- than it is illegal for you to get paid in California...

When you went into the helping profession, most people told you there wouldn't be a lot of money in it... but this is getting ridiculous! 

So here is a common story we hear:

"I paid a ton of money for a solid Master's program. I wasn't able to find a paid Internship- but chalked it up to lack of experience. Now I am done with my hours, have a ton of experience, and I'm waiting 6 months just to get approved to take my first exam! (MFTs in California- this isn't an exaggeration) I can't find a supervisor for a private practice internship, and the ones that I do find want me to work for $12/hr. I can't support myself on that! But, I can't go out and work for myself with the expertise I have, because I will lose my future license! Now I feel like I paid tens of thousands of dollars to be able to do LESS than I could have if I had just started providing "coaching" 5 years ago! Help!!"

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