Success Story: Elizabeth

Elizabeth specializes in complex trauma, PTSD, EMDR, adult survivors of narcissistic parents, adult survivors of parents with addiction, childhood emotional neglect, and mindfulness meditation and counseling in the Metro Detroit area.

Your Experience with Bootcamp in one sentence: Bootcamp helped me develop confidence, clarity, and courage.

How were you feeling before you signed up for bootcamp? : When I signed up for bootcamp, I was in solo practice and was worried I wasn't doing everything I needed to become successful. I was feeling alone in my business and wasn't sure who to reach out to or where to find information. When I decided to do Bootcamp, I was excited about the possibilities.

What did your private practice look like before bootcamp started?: I was in solo practice and was full, but not necessarily with my ideal clients. I was also struggling to manage the business end of my practice including finances, marketing, and advertising.

How do you feel after Business School Bootcamp for Therapists?: I am still surprised at where I am today after doing Bootcamp. I have transformed my caseload into my ideal clients, and have started a holistic evidence-based mental wellness center that incorporates yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and art therapy with psychotherapy and counseling. Where I am at now is where I dreamed when I was doing my undergraduate degree. I have five passionate and creative clinicians who work for me, and I feel I am capable of growing professionally and personally in ways I would have not imagined.

How has your private practice and life changed after bootcamp (processes, clinically, work-life balance, financially): I am finding now that I am able to do what I really love and prioritize what energizes me. I am learning that I really enjoy the creative side of running a business and providing alternative groups along with community education. My clinical practice has become more streamlined to my ideal client and I'm able to focus on the modalities I most enjoy. I am still working on the work-life balance and finances, but have a clear plan that I am feeling confident about.

What would you say to someone else who is on the fence about joining Business School Bootcamp for Therapists?: I did have a friend on the fence and convinced her to join! We're looking forward to being battle buddies this fall. We both started group practices this year and BSB has been essential to feeling confident in creating a group. I would encourage anyone who is interested in solo or group practice to join BSB.

What do you wish you had known about private practice before you started?: That it is totally possible to have your ideal practice if you put the work in and trust your intuition. The one thing I wish I would have known prior to starting a group is that I was going to significantly need to reduce my caseload unless I was planning on outsourcing some of the business side. Group practice is definitely a lot different than solo.

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