5 ways to stay organized and the 1 tool that can help!

There is so much to do when you own your own business. You wear a lot of hats, of course. You are the HR department, the financial department, the services department, and so on. 

How do you know you are getting everything done?

Post-its, Checklists, Emails - Oh My!

In today's age, technology can really work for you when it comes to organizing the tasks for each part of your business. So I made a quick video on the tool I LOVE to use for ZynnyMe and my private practice so you could see just what kind of FREE tools are out there. 

Here are some quick tips to keep you organized - 

  • Keep a brain dump list. You are a creative person. That is why you are a therapist. But you can also tend to get lost in all those ideas. Once you get them on paper you can come back to the brilliance at a time when you can focus and be productive. That's right! Schedule creative thinking time in your business day to explore your options and ideas.

  • Celebrate the small things. Anytime I finish a task, it feels good. Just a big checkmark makes me smile. With all the things to get done, you can feel like you are never done, but the truth is, you are doing stuff - so give yourself a pat on the back. Take yourself out for a starbucks date or some fun treat anytime you finish a project or a task.

  • Use the tools you've got. If you try a new tool, it is going to take time for it to become habit. Stick with it for at least 2 months and see if it helps you. Nothing worse than signing up for a ton of cool resources and then having them stare you back in the face, never being used and you still feeling frustrated with the problems that you thought they would help you solve.

  • Get tech support. When you get stuck, read the users manual, reach out to tech support, or check you tube. We sometimes expect the answer to be obvious but even the most tech savvy have to ask questions.

  • When you are overwhelmed, go back to your priorities. Your priority might be to get the phone ringing. Then focus on the tasks that have that goal in mind. That would be your marketing tasks and relationship building. The extra stuff is just extra. No need to create that book just yet if you can't keep the lights on. Break it down into steps and be patient with yourself.

Ok! Here's the tool I use. If you have another tool you recommend, please share below in the comments.