A YUMMY new therapist website!

Miranda here and I have to say I meet some of the most ah-mazing therapists across the country, and right here in California. Today I am going to be highlighting a website that I custom designed for a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist down in Pasadena, CA. She was actually a referral from another fabulous CSAT in Glendora, CA (Small World!)

My favorite part is that they are both amazing, passionate therapists who have a clear vision for their practices. Ninoska Montero went through our free Website 101 e-course and determined that for her- Do-It-Yourself was not the option. She had a beautiful vision in mind and really wanted support, encouragement, and technical know-how to bring that vision to life! 

And boy did we! 

We were able to incorporate the beautiful beachy feel and ombre look. After a lot of searching we found her perfect background at this wonderful site: http://www.designlovefest.com/category/downloads/ that was available for use in design projects! How cool is that? I did some of my magic tweaking to make it work in a website- and lo and behold!

But, to be honest, even more than the like- I love how CLEARLY she speaks to the issues that her ideal clients struggle with in regards to relationships. I also found someone who does specialty work with adult children of sex addicts- a very uncommon specialty! 

And the best part? She is getting rave reviews on her website! Oh and when I searched adult children sex addiction her website just came up on the first page of Google! Which is super cool because I didn't put in her town... which is usually necessary. The fact that she has such an uncommon specialty really helps her in her findability for this unique niche!