Website MakeOver

I love this job! It is so freaking awesome sometimes. We had a super busy week last week, but we turned out a website in record timing for a client that needed it fast :) I love this new site that we created because I think it has what is key in the upcoming designs of websites 

-A mobile website : This website adjusts to a mobile website when someone is checking it out on their iphone or android. It makes it easy for someone to read from those itty bitty screens that they have.

-A responsive design : The website adjusts for all different sizes and shapes of screens. It knows intuitively how to make the website look great on your screen. So, on my mac laptop it looks a little different than on Miranda's PC laptop...but both look fantastic!

-A modern look: Gone are the days of 2d images on the screen. This is a bold new look for a website that is sleek and modern.

So, you want to see that website...don't you!? Check out and let us know what you think.