The simplest solution... or KISS (Keep it Short and Simple)

So we work with a variety of business owners, even though we specialize in working with therapists in private practice. I recently got to consult with a great group of techie people at a technology company. And I got to give them a little schooling in technology! How fun is that? 

The truth is, because someone knows about computers, networking, or some high level technical stuff (that to be honest often goes over my head) doesn't mean that they know everything about everything. And you know what? That is ok! 

I don't open up my computer. I am sure my hubby would teach me how to do it... but I have NO desire to open the dreaded box! But, what I do love to do is use my computer more effectively- and I can run circles around my hubby (who has a Master's Degree in Information Security AKA Computers!) 

I love talking with someone, finding out about their goal, what is in the way now and giving them a solution that they would've never expected. In this case they were looking for a way to connect online and easily gather and share testimonials from their clients, and gave them an option for a slick way to get video testimonials and have them auto-update on their website with just a few minutes of set-up! How cool is that? 

Now therapists don't get to solicit testiminoials in California. And there is some questions about the ethics period (regardless of the law). But, if you teach, present, consult, or have some other type of business where testimonials are important- check out the awesome Testimonial Director I even went ahead and recorded a quick tutorial to show them how easy it would be to get it set up! 

Here is the video: Excuse the voice- it was mostly gone that day- and I think this was one of the few times I actually talked the entirety of Wednesday!