I just HAVE to have WordPress!

Do you just have to have WordPress? Google is reporting 12-14 million searches per day are pulling up hacked or compromised sites! With 1 million wordpress sites hacked in 2011, and no stats available for 2012 or 2013, we know that Wordpress sites are at risk. 

However, there are a few new webhosts out there who are really putting security at the top of the list. Hosts like www.wpengine.com or www.zippykid.com offer outstanding protection. WPEngine even says they will fix your site for free if it is hacked! (It can cost quite a lot to get that "free" wordpress site fixed). 

If you are tech savvy in other areas and want to get your hands dirty- wordpress could be the option for you. We have been watching Clinton Power for awhile (he is an awesome business coach for therapists and a techy geeky guy himself. He developed a step-by-step program for therapists to set-up their wordpress site and get some great content up. Here is a video tutorial program that will help you get started on WordPress the right way.

And yes, before you ask- of course we are going to get a kick-back from him (we wouldn't be modeling good business practices if we didn't sign up for his affiliate program). However, if you have EVER met either of us- you know we are picky about who we associate with and what we promote. We have high standards and we don't recommend anything that we wouldn't use ourselves... Except maybe this because we hate wordpress lol! (Oh- and no I didn't have time to look up the referral/affiliate program for the wordpress hosts above- bad Miranda!) 

Ready to build your website, but not into the idea of themes, plugins, and hacking oh my! Check out our Website in 30 days program- keeps you on track to have your website ready to go LIVE in just 30 days (or less)! 

What do you think about Wordpress? Do you love it? Post below! Convince us of how fabulous it is!