Another WP Site Hacked! PLEASE be careful - TIPS.

So, some of you may know that I hate WordPress<> While I understand that there are a ton of cool features, plug-ins, and fancy things people can do for not a ton of money (but definitely a ton of time), I think for the average business person it is too complex.

I received the message below from a great WordPress expert the other day, and she was fabulous enough to let me re-post it. The truth is, while not every WordPress site will get hacked, hackers will attempt to hack EVERY WordPress site. If you have a self-hosted WordPress (on GoDaddy or Lunarpages), please be advised and check out the story and her tips.

And, if everyone is raving that you MUST get WordPress because it is the ONLY way to build a business, politely smile and nod. The truth is, there are other options out there that might just be a better (easier, faster, more effective) option for you!

(Thanks again Angela for letting us use your words!) **

<> I got an urgent call from a client of mine today... here's why: [image: Image] Complete with creepy music this is NOT a pleasant site to see!

This is what a website hacking can look like. If you have a website please know it is your responsibility to keep it secure, not your hosts or your website designers.

Look I don't want to scare you but I have to in order to get your attention because too many people think that doing 'backups' is something to do 'later' (I know! I've done it, got hacked and brought back the T-shirt!).

Your site doesn't have to look like this! Do your best to protect and defend and you'll feel much better because even if you ever DO get hacked you'll be able to get back up faster if you know what to do.

*Please don't let this happen to you!* Follow these tips I just posted on my blog:<>

Keep safe out there :)

Angela Wills