Wow- we got so much traffic our website crashed....

Thankfully this has never happened to us. In fact, we are 99% confident that this will never happen to us! Here is the message I received from the fabulous Charlotte Reznick over at

It appears that so many people were trying to get on the Great Parenting Show's site at once to sign up for the Free Teleseminar Series that... it crashed the server! Very sorry for any frustration. But they assured me it has been fixed and they increased the bandwagon for traffic, so I'm sending to you again, in case you were one of the folks who experienced trouble.

She had shared some amazing information with her newsletter subscribers about a free teleseminar with 20 parenting experts. What an amazing thing! And then the server at the other website crashed- why?

Did you know that even with "unlimited" bandwith or traffic- some web hosts work in such a way that your website will crash if you get too much traffic unexpectedly. While you can have "unlimited" in theory- if you are a small business who generally gets just a bit of traffic- they don't prepare your site for a bunch of people to find it all at once.

This can be horrible if you get an article in the New Yorks Times or a blog that sends you over a ton of traffic. How many people do you think will "try it again" after having trouble registering? And, how would you feel if you shared a great resource with hundreds of your fans and just gave them a headache? What a pain in the tush!

Tip of the Day: Be sure to understand how your hosting works. The folks over at SquareSpace have our website hosted in such a way that they can take major hits without a problem. And, if you know you have a "hit" coming up- give your web host a call and make sure they are prepared. Even better, make sure your host has the flexibility to keep your website up no matter what!

Definition of the day: Hosting is the service that actually stores all of your web files. It controls how fast your website loads. It is different from your domain/web address. GoDaddy is a web host- but they also provide several other services.