Facebook - FREE Marketing

I like networking through social media. Today I was looking for therapists in my area to talk to and get to know better. I was shocked!! So many therapists using their personal pages for their business. And there were those not doing anything with their business page. This is FREE networking and marketing and they are missing out! Not convinced? Let me give you some great reasons to be using Facebook


  • It is FREE! - Yes I said this before, but at Zynnyme, we love affordable marketing. We love affordable anything, actually. Can't get better than FREE.

  • It is manageable - If you don't know how to manage it, we do coaching. BUT truly it is easy to manage from your personal profile (if you have one or a simple login if you don't)

  • Easy to link to your website and blog to your business page - which helps your SEO ;)

  • A broad reach - There are more than 800 million users - 19 million are in California. It spans all ages and is fairly equal across genders. The average user visits the site 40 times per month. People can use it on their computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. That is a lot of opportunity to reach people!

  • You can sell product, schedule appointments, start conversations, take a poll and much much more. Facebook business pages don't have to just be a bookmark.

  • It isn't going anywhere - Technology might be scary and social media might be even more overwhelming. However, it isn't going anywhere and in fact it is growing. If you get on the train now, it will be much easer down the road. Facbeook is a great entry level way to enter the social media networking force.

So if you don't have a page - we can help. Contact us here for a consult. Don't miss out on networking and marketing opportunities!