Why every business owner should know what a static html website is:


Welcome to our first technology vocabulary lesson. This is an important one for all of you who want to have a fabulous, profitable website that brings you business! 

Has anyone ever given you a brochure? One of those fabulous trifold deals? The old style brochure is a lot like the old static site. Writing up a brochure is a lot of work. However, it is meant to do once, and many people will get hundres of copies made. In fact, I have seen brochures that haven't changed in over 10 years! 

If you want to change the brochure, you don't just scribble on the brochure itself, you need to go back to the original file, and work in the original software. So, if you made a brochure in Microsoft Word and wanted to edit it, you need to have the Microsoft Word software on your computer. Or, if it was made with Publisher or some other type of program, you need to have that program.

Sometimes, even though the information is great, you have to make a redesign of the "look" of the brochure. You may have even found the original program you used isn't "fancy" enough- and you end up recreating the entire brochure from scratch either retyping the information or trying to copy and paste each little section. 

Brochures are pretty expensive to print, and if you want a fancy one- sometimes you even hire a graphic designer to take your content and make a look professional and eye catching.

There are thousands of websites on the Internet that are like a brochure. You have to go back to the original file and have it "reprinted" to make a change to the content. Making a change to the look of the site could require a graphic designer or some specialized computer program. And, more importantly, the difficulty in making updates, may easily lead you into having a "brochure" that is the same for 2, 5, or 10 years- whether it actually brings you business or not! 

(What is the last time you got some business from a brochure?) 

Static html sites require most people to hire a "web designer" or "website manager" because of the specialized knowledge required. 

I worked on a website years ago on Microsoft FrontPage... yikes! If you don't want to be "married" to a website designer for small updates to your website, be at their mercy for updates and changes, you probably don't want a static html site. Here is a full list of drawbacks of html static sites for small business owners: 

  • Specialized software or html coding knowledge to update.

  • Don't automatically include a blog- very powerful way to get people seeing your site and calling you!

  • They can very quickly get outdated.

  • It doesn't easily allow you to change your text (it should be as easy as pulling out the pamphlet and "writing" on it to make updates to your website.

  • Often designers will charge you extra to allow you to easily edit your website.

  • You often have to pay "per page" in order to add a new page to your site after the design is finished.

In other words, in most cases, I have found keeping a relevant, useful, and current website is MORE expensive when using a traditional web designer who will give you a "static" website. So, when you talk to a website designer, ask these three questions: 

  • Will I be able to quickly edit the content and add pages?

  • Will it include a blog from the start (even if I don't want to use it at first?)

  • Will the blog require any maintenance or updates in order to stay secure (so it doesn't get hacked?

Overwhelmed with the idea of editing your website? If you pick an easy to use platform, editing is as easy as writing an email or editing a document in Word- and you should need NO specialized, expensive software to do it! 

Hope this helps you decide what kind of website you need for your small business! If you are a helper or a healer, allow us to empower you to have a cheap, easy, and EFFECTIVE website with our Website in 30 Days video program. 

Please post your questions below! We would love to hear the parts you loved or hated about this blog, about your old website, etc.