Comparing Website Options for Real People

We wanted to have an easier way for healers and small business owners to compare some of the options available for building a website. Many people don't know the pros and cons to each option. While we are somewhat impartial in this area- we think it is based on some real issues and facts that most people won't tell you. Here is a fun little graphic that does some side by side comparisons. What do you think? It is accurate? Are we missing anything? Is it helpful?


Want to see it bigger? Right click and select "Open image in new tab." Also, a friendly reminder for those of you considering the Website in 30 days program or Squarespace (what we build on) as an option. The monthly hosting costs could be reduced by 30% if you order by Thursday. We have a special coupon code for Squarespace- just go to our Zynny Loves page for the details!