Maybe you aren't bad at technology... maybe you are just using bad technology...

When we developed our business cards, we had some fun putting different quotes on the back of them. Quotes like: "If it doesn't save you time, save you money, or make your life better- what's the point?" and "Helping you find and use technology that doesn't suck." As you can see we had a lot of fun with it- and people have a chuckle and really resonate with different quotes. 

One of my favorite quotes is "Maybe You Aren't Bad at Technology, maybe you are just using bad technology." I was reminded of this when eavesdropping on a radio show my husband listens to you. My hubby LOVES all things techie- but that is a blog for another day. 

There was a woman on this This Week in Tech show Gina Trapani. One look at the link of her name will let you know she is a techie. She uses a bunch of technology words and terms that most real people wouldn't understand or care about- but there was a fabulous theme to what she was talking about that I loved!

She wants things to be EASY! See, she is someone that can take a program that isn't working correctly and she can actually manipulate how the program runs! She is a programmer- she knows how to read the goobly gook that many of us would think is nonsense! 

So what does someone who can actually manipulate software to make it exactly what they want say about programs like Wordpress? Suprisingly enough- she describes many of the same concerns that we have mentioned here at ZynnyMe: 


  • Updating the software on the software is a pain in the rear.

  • Having to back up your own data in case something happens is a pain in the tush.

  • You are MORE LIKELY to mess up your website if you are running it on your own server- meaning GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.


In fact, she talks about, the hosted, but less powerful little sister of as an alternative, and also shares a LOT of love about Squarespace! Yep, that is right, a TECHIE person is evaluating SquareSpace and loving what she is learning. She talks about how Squarespace has all kinds of cool stuff for bloggers like permalinks and other terms most of you won't care to understand. She actually mentions Squarespace several times! 

(And this woman KNOWS about blogging and websites. She runs a wildly successful blog called LifeHacker which is all about sharing ways to "hack" life. In other words, people sharing tips and tricks for living. This blog actually has some really fun content for non-technical people-my geeky husband shares the most interesting stuff with me).

I'll be really honest, I don't spend a lot of time figuring out WHY Squarespace works, I spend more time realizing how WELL it works! It makes getting your website to the front of Google so much easier (SEO for those techie people out there). 

I hope some of you who are feeling frustrated will realize that there are pros and cons to every platform- and don't be afraid to build on something other than WordPress-even if everyone says this is the ONLY way to go! And for those techs who want to listen in more detail, you can listen to the whole This Week in Tech (TWIT) podcast here

For those of you who are putting off building and writing your content- you CAN do this! Don't keep putting it off- your website is integral to a enduring, stress-less business!