Are You Stuck in Your Private Practice Website?

ZynnyMe has been BUSY! We have been out spreading the word to therapists in private practice and small business owners that they CAN have a website that they love, understand, and can update. That they do NOT have to be a techie to do it, and that websites can transform your business! 

However, one common theme we keep hearing is a version of "I'm stuck- but I'm not moving." We hear statements like: 

"I got a WordPress site because everyone said it was super easy- it isn't, and now I'm stuck! I need someone to sit down and teach me how to work it- but I don't want to spend hours learning or pay a lot of money." 

"I have a website on a platform that just plain doesn't work- but I paid a lot of money a year (or more) ago and I'm terrified of putting more money into my website and ending up in the same spot."

We have both been in a place of being "married" to a website that just didn't work for us. We know how overwhelming it can be to think of "starting over" or "getting stuck" again! We think of it like the anxiety that can come up around dating or getting married after having gone through a divorce! 

Having both left "bad relationships" with our websites, we want to give you some hope! While it is great to work on a REAL relationship- this isn't your marriage! This is a tool that has been made to help you- if it isn't helping you- maybe it is time to let go! 

Now, sometimes we get a bad rap for not being particularly complimentary on other website platforms. The truth is that I provide consulting and coaching on a variety of platforms: Joomla, Drupal, TherapySites, Wordpress, and anything else that you have a username and a password to work on. In fact, I can even get into those fun html sites if you really want me to! 

I am happy to help you "get over the hump" in learning a program like Wordpress. I just like to empower people to start learning from a platform that is MOST intutive to a small business owner. Why? You don't have TIME to spend hours learning. If I can start you on a platform that resonates with you- whether it is Wordpress, Drupla, Joomla, Squarespace, or even Facebook- I don't care! 

I want small business owners, (and I have a special place in my heart for therapists) to be successful with technology! I want you to stop the self-deprication and self-sabotage! If it truly isn't working for you-let it go! If you just need a little help to get over the hump- ask! 

Please post your burning website building questions below! And, for the next 10 days, ZynnyMe is offering a fantastic special. If you have a website platform that isn't working for you and want to give Squarespace a try. We will transfer over your existing website and blog over for FREE with your purchase of the Website in 30 days program! How cool is that? We will get all your content and structure over, bring over your headshot, any blog postings, etc. You will just go through and learn to update, tweak, and optimize your website through the Website in 30 days program! 

This is Miranda from ZynnyMe saying "Maybe you aren't bad at technology, maybe you are using bad technology."